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Discovering a dream company, preparing for an interview or knowing how is it like to work at any organization, is now very easy with AmbitionBox.

Who we are and what we do?

On AmbitionBox, users can read company reviews and ratings shared by employees. These company reviews throw light on the organizational work culture, ambiance, attitude of colleagues, opportunity to develop skills, work days, timings, facilities, general likes and dislikes, and more such useful data, which was previously unknown to jobseekers. Reading these company reviews will eventually help a jobseeker make a well informed career decision.

Job seekers can prepare confidently for upcoming interviews with interview questions, tips and advice available on AmbitionBox. All the contributions in the interview question section, are genuine as they have been submitted by real people who have actually attended a job interview recently.

Users can also refer to company pages for indepth information about various organizations. Data such as a company’s mission and vision statements, overall impact of the brand, key products & services, office locations, workplace photos, amusing facts and the like, can be referred here to discover a best-fit workplace.

Additional tools available on AmbitionBox include a free take home salary calculator, practice tests and impactful resources in the blog section.

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Our vision is to build products that connect users with their true ambition and help them build happy careers

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Our mission is to help people discover and prepare for interviews of top companies in their hunt to find a perfect workplace.

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