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Alshaya Group
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Alshaya Group Benefits

Updated on 29 Jun, 2022

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9 benefits available at Alshaya Group
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Alshaya Group Benefit Reviews by Employees

Store Manager in KuwaitMerchandising, Retail & eCommerceposted on 17 Jan 2019Diverse culture of this company is best part, alshaya gives an opportunity to learn n grow. Gives people space and encourage the initiative with new ideas . Customer satisfaction overall is the priority .I joined as a freshers and now I can say this company make me confident added knowledge how to Read More
Senior Applications Systems Engineer in BangaloreProcurement & Supply Chainposted on 19 Nov 2022For fresher or people who have low salary or having 1 or two years of experience working in Alshaya will be better depending on which application team you will be put in. If you are in legacy application support job searching and skill development will be poor. Job security is good and regular sal Read More
Tandoor Chef in India Himachel PardeshOtherposted on 23 Aug 2021Good work environment and culture.teammates are supportive and the management is transparent. There is a huge cafeteria and gaming arcade for policies are good,appraisals are fair and they give good salary hike and bonus every year.. Read More
Technical Manager in BangaloreEngineering - Software & QAposted on 22 Apr 2021There you will get a chance to interact with multiple technologies in one place. But skills development is your call. Read More
Helpdesk Manager in UAEProduction, Manufacturing & Engineeringposted on 2 Dec 2019Office level career development less.. Store based career is very good. Read More
Logistic Executive Auditor in JeddahEngineering - Software & QAposted on 18 Sep 2017the skill development and learning is quite attractive Read More
Applicaton System Officer in BangaloreEngineering - Software & QAposted on 13 Nov 2018Skill Development is very poor here. Read More
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Alshaya Group Salaries

Accountant Salary
(159 salaries)
6.9 Lakhs
3.5 L/yr - ₹8.5 L/yr
14.7 Lakhs
8.0 L/yr - ₹24.0 L/yr
8.9 Lakhs
4.5 L/yr - ₹11.0 L/yr
Alshaya Group Benefits

Alshaya Group Reviews and Ratings

based on 521 reviews

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salary and benefits. company always taking care the employee. what ever the staff needed company always provided what they need. so if i have a chance...

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