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Atos Benefits

Updated on 15 Sep, 2022

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Atos Benefit Reviews by Employees

Senior System Analyst in BangaloreEngineering - Software & QAposted on 1 Jan 2020The company is open to Innovation and readily adapts latest technology. I love the fact that I am part of a team that has a global client base. As a result, I get to travel abroad to Germany. But onsite travel is completely dependent on your project and client's location. Another plus point is that Read More
Configuration And Capacity Manager in PuneIT & Information Securityposted on 10 Mar 2024I saw every where there is cost cutting. Everyday every employee have to search for chair 3-4 times a day. To get a laptop/desktop to work was also a pain. Re-imbursement for relocation was very challenging. Manager always finds a way to cut daily allowance for UK shift employee. Cab is always Read More
Associate Sap Consultant in BENGALURUEngineering - Software & QAposted on 16 Jul 2020The job security is one of the finest things about Atos. However, with that comes the downside of low yearly incentives and hikes. The wfh model is good and the organisation has made sure work is delivered even during the pandemic by providing laptops or desktops to all employees. Read More
Data Center Operator in Hyderabad/Secunderabadposted on 22 May 2021Good work environment and culture. Teammates are supportive and the management is transparent. There is a huge cafeteria and gaming arcade for chilling. Company policies are good, appraisals are fair and they give good salary hike and bonus every year Read More
Consultant in PuneEngineering - Software & QAposted on 17 Feb 2022The job security, work culture and colleagues are very top notch. Too many onsite opportunities, you can go to onsite on your first year of employment as well. Read More
Senior Consultant Specialist in Bengaluru/Bangalore, KarnatakaCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 14 Aug 2022Performance bonus is paid 3 months late every semester. Leaving company before appraisal will lead to loss of montly performance bonus amount which is huge. Read More
Consultant in PuneEngineering - Software & QAposted on 29 Jun 2022I found lack of support in career growth and opportunities. Had an onsite opportunity but still struggling to get so many approvals from current assignment. Read More
Tech Lead in BangloreEngineering - Software & QAposted on 21 Sep 2017Work life balance will be good. WFH is possible those who have laptops and guarantee notice period of 3months if company forces you quit. Read More
Associate Consultant in PuneConsultingposted on 21 Jun 2023I didn’t find anything to like her apart from skill development program but there also you need your managers approval Read More
Associate Consultant in PuneEngineering - Software & QAposted on 3 Jan 2019I was lucky to have opportunity to work on development project. Work from home if you get laptop by chance for project. Read More
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Atos Salaries

₹ 7 Lakhs
₹3 L/yr - ₹11.5 L/yr
₹ 22 Lakhs
₹11 L/yr - ₹37 L/yr
₹ 5.9 Lakhs
₹2.4 L/yr - ₹10.4 L/yr

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HQ - Vilnius,Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
Atos Benefits

Atos Reviews and Ratings

based on 2.7k reviews

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Nothing to like. Always hearing news about how much loss the company is in.

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