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DHL Global Forwarding
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DHL Global Forwarding Benefits

Updated on 29 Jun, 2022

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9 benefits available at DHL Global Forwarding
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DHL Global Forwarding Benefit Reviews by Employees

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER - MARKETING & SALES in Delhi NCRProcurement & Supply Chainposted on 23 Apr 2019Politics. Biggest example was all my Country Level Senior Management was harassed by Country Politics and SMT working for more than 15+ years left DGF due to Politics. I was also victim of the same. I lost my mother due to cancer within 6 Months and my Line manager rejected my annual leave to comple Read More
Senior Process Associate in Mumbai, MaharashtraCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 22 Nov 2023It's great to work in DHL one of the biggest logistics company company culture is good.. there are various programs conducted for employees to learn more about DHL as well as their skill development Read More
Senior Process Associate in ChennaiCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 27 May 2022I love to work here because of infrastructure, work culture and the main thing is cab facilities. Process wise we learn something every day. Overall I had good experience in DHL Read More
Team Member/team Leader in Chennaiposted on 28 Mar 2021Great place to work. Even Covid pandemic we got bonus.. providing 2 way cab, Insurance & other facilities. Read More
Team Lead in ChennaiCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 6 Sep 2023Can’t say dislike. It’s like a development feedback. Need to work on Admin, cab facilities Read More
Senior Financial Analyst in Chennai, Tamil NaduFinance & Accountingposted on 17 Aug 2022Best place to work award winner for 3 consecutive years Read More
Process Specialist in ChennaiFinance & Accountingposted on 19 Jun 2023Management Cab facility Food facility Read More
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DHL Global Forwarding Salaries

5.0 Lakhs
1.6 L/yr - ₹6.0 L/yr
3.8 Lakhs
1.4 L/yr - ₹5.3 L/yr
Team Lead Salary
(141 salaries)
7.4 Lakhs
3.8 L/yr - ₹11.3 L/yr

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DHL Global Forwarding Benefits

DHL Global Forwarding Reviews and Ratings

based on 417 reviews

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Job security is there if you have specific skill set. Learning & Development as usual. I can't see more benefits since most of benefits provides other...

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