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GlobalLogic Benefits

Updated on 27 Feb, 2024
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GlobalLogic Benefit Reviews by Employees

Associate Software Engineer in NOIDAEngineering - Software & QAposted on 1 Aug 2020It is a great place to work as it has flexible working hours and even the teams are also very supportive.It has been awarded as great place to work by Great Place to work institute.You can work on different technologies in which you are interested and for relaxation there is activity clubs and lots Read More
Senior .net Developer Engineering - Software & QAposted on 27 Sep 20231. Work-Life Balance: The company offers a good work-life balance to most employees but it is subject to project also. 2. Leadership: Leadership is quite supportive of their employees. 3. Employee care: The company actually listens and works on the pain areas of the employees. 4. Good Appraisals: Th Read More
Senior Software Test Engineer in NagpurEngineering - Software & QAposted on 4 Jan 2019G.L. is the best company in terms of Project's, services, career growth, learning new technology, work environment and flexible timings, innovations, training and development. Also has good working culture, adopts latest technology, process. There is onsite opportunities but it's depending on Ur p Read More
Senior Engineering Manager in NagpurProject & Program Managementposted on 25 Jan 2022Good office work environment, infrastructure wise company enables you well so that you may work effectively. Less beurocracy in getting approvals for any work related expenses, late working food ordering when in office etc. Good reward and recognition mechanism. Leadership takes efforts in retaining Read More
Associate/senior Associate -(technical) in Bangalore RuralEngineering - Software & QAposted on 27 Apr 2021Good growth in the company, encourage to learn new technologies and share with the teams. Gaming arcade for chilling. Cultural activities, team outing, team lunch and lots of fun activities are organised by the management team to make sure employees are relaxing and happy to work in GL. Read More
Associate Analyst in GurgaonEngineering - Software & QAposted on 12 Jul 2021Good work environment and culture. Teammates are supportive and the management is transparent. There is a huge cafeteria and gaming arcade for chilling. Company policies are good, appraisals are fair and they give good salary hike and bonus every year. Read More
Associate Analyst in Gurgaonposted on 8 Feb 2018Globallogic is a great organization to work.Here the work environment is nice the architecture of the office is authentic.Its transport system is good with both side cab facilities.The teammates team leaders and managers are very much supportive. Read More
Analyst in Hyderabadposted on 25 Sep 2017The company culture is very good.I used to get extra money if i work for extra hours.There was free cab and food facility.With Joy we can work there without any stress once you are familiar with the process and tools.I also like re-hire policy. Read More
Software Engineer Engineering - Software & QAposted on 23 Jun 2023Little better salary and increment after completion of 3 month training and test. Joining gift box and diwali gift was great made me live the my choice! Learned new skills and developed small project in training. Read More
Associate Analyst in Hyderabad/SecunderabadMarketing & Communicationposted on 6 May 2022Good work environment teammates and leads are very supportive and there is a huge cafeteria and gaming arcade for chilling company policies are good appraisals are fair and they give goodies for special occasions Read More
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GlobalLogic Salaries

₹ 2.5 Lakhs
₹1 L/yr - ₹3.6 L/yr
₹ 12.6 Lakhs
₹3.9 L/yr - ₹21.5 L/yr
Analyst Salary
(2.8k salaries)
₹ 2.6 Lakhs
₹1.1 L/yr - ₹5.5 L/yr

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HQ - San Jose, California, United States (USA)
GlobalLogic Benefits

GlobalLogic Reviews and Ratings

based on 3.9k reviews

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In though situation when other companies layoff employees Globallogic stands with them and didn't loose any employee....

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