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Updated on 1 Jun, 2022

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Groupon Benefit Reviews by Employees

Customer Support Engineer in ChennaiCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 30 Oct 2018Best Work culture, very matured higer officials, they understand from employees point, encouraging incentives. Best training, in job training helps to develop our skills, very decent salary, best environment . All above work should be completed, never treat employees like students. Employee are trea Read More
Cashier In The Retail Sector At Cash Counter in New DelhiOtherposted on 29 Dec 2022End of last day in month salary in my account credit. And training system very good and excellent💯👍👏. And HR Department Full support any time. And Training time the fare is the money that you pay for a journey by bus, taxi auto and delhi metro 🚇 and food🍝🥗🍱 facility provided by company. Read More
Junior Accountant in BANGALOREFinance & Accountingposted on 12 Dec 2018I am working the groupon for the past 3 year. In the office the culture is friendly, and people all around the globe. in the free time we can enjoy the indoor sport such as Foosball, pool ball, chess, table tennis and also a massage chair. Read More
Senior Trainer in ChennaiTeaching & Trainingposted on 22 Jul 2023More opportunities to explore. Diverse culture, International travel Read More
Merchant Operations Associate in Chennai, Tamil NaduCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 7 May 2023Two way cab. Work structure. Shift allowance. Read More
Merchant Operations Associate in ChennaiCustomer Success, Service & Operationsposted on 29 Jan 2024The work flow and te cab facility are best Read More
Merchant Research Representative in ChennaiMerchandising, Retail & eCommerceposted on 11 Nov 2023Work culture, cab facility, environment Read More
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Groupon Salaries

3.8 Lakhs
2.4 L/yr - ₹4.8 L/yr
3.7 Lakhs
2.5 L/yr - ₹4.4 L/yr
4.3 Lakhs
3.2 L/yr - ₹5.5 L/yr

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HQ - Chicago,Illinois, United States
Groupon Benefits

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based on 321 reviews

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