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Hinduja Global Solutions
based on 6.8k Reviews
HQ - Bangalore/Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
IT Services & Consulting
10k-50k Employees (India)
Emerging Technologies
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Hinduja Global Solutions Benefits

Updated on 8 Feb, 2024
11 benefits available at Hinduja Global Solutions
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Free Transport
Child care

Hinduja Global Solutions Benefit Reviews by Employees

Quality Analyst in Bangalore / BengaluruThey provide personality development trainings by the excellent team. Especially for women employee's they provide different trainings apart from process training ,, to encourage and guide them to move forward. AGRIMA is one of the them. read full review
Field Service Engineer in LucknowSir if possible i will get to work as field service engineer in my location sultanpur uttar pradesh then i will definitely do and try to do better than before read full review
Senior Claim Processor in Working from home that was really good decision in this covid situation hgs employees safely they are completing their work and safely staying their family read full review
Senior Quality Consultant in Bangalore / BengaluruEmail etiquette training, ADP levels training, presentation seminar's skill development training, It helped me to develop interpersonal skill. read full review
Assistant Manager/manager-(nontechnical) in Bangalore / BengaluruEmployee assistance, support groups, LGBT-friendly and inclusive policies, frequent connects, etc. read full review
Customer Relation Officer in Bangalore / BengaluruNothing they provided for free and with the amt of employees.....anyone can provide facilities read full review
Customer Relation Officer in Hyderabad / SecunderabadOur company offers to us go for outings with TL and given transportation facility read full review
Relationship Manager in NoidaLogo ke sath fraud hota hai sirf Company wale sirf lutte hai or Gali sunta h RM read full review
Process Consultant Trainee in Bangalore RuralActual am physically handicapped and i have been needed the special training. read full review
Automation Test Engineer(2 Years) And Customer Relationship Officer(6 Months) in Bangalore / BengaluruAbove mentioned are the facilities provided by Hinduja Global Solutions. read full review
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Hinduja Global Solutions Salaries

3.0 Lakhs
1.5 L/yr - ₹4.5 L/yr
2.6 Lakhs
1.2 L/yr - ₹4.1 L/yr
2.4 Lakhs
0.6 L/yr - ₹5.8 L/yr

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Hinduja Global Solutions Benefits

Hinduja Global Solutions Reviews and Ratings

based on 6.8k reviews

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I Always been interested in technology and innovation so working for a company that provide these service would be an amazing opportunity....

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