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Hindustan Construction Company

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Hindustan Construction Company Benefits

Updated on 5 Aug, 2022

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10 benefits available at Hindustan Construction Company
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Hindustan Construction Company Benefit Reviews by Employees

Manager in Mumbaiposted on 1 Oct 2019It is rare to find professional companies in construction field. HCC is truly a professional company. Hard working employees are truly rewarded. Read More
Manager in MumbaiData Science & Analyticsposted on 9 May 2024Opportunity for Skill development Office work Environment Work life balance Co operative higher management Read More
Site Engineer in MumbaiConstruction & Site Engineeringposted on 31 Mar 2022Good work Experience, Work Culture is very good, Skill Development is Very Good, Co-operative culture. Read More
Contract Engineer in WorliConstruction & Site Engineeringposted on 2 Oct 2020Missing skill development and value addition. Communication gap in teams. Read More
Head BD in MumbaiSales & Business Developmentposted on 3 Oct 2023Promotions, Appraisals, job security, skill development Read More
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer in MumbaiProduction, Manufacturing & Engineeringposted on 1 May 2021Work culture, company policies, skill development etc Read More
Qc Manager in Imphal, ManipurProduction, Manufacturing & Engineeringposted on 26 Mar 2023Good arrangement for accomodation and canteen (mess) Read More
Sr. Engineer Grade-S3 in MumbaiConstruction & Site Engineeringposted on 12 Mar 2020Company culture and skill development Read More
Cad Officer in VikhroliConstruction & Site Engineeringposted on 23 May 2022Skill development & Self improvement Read More
Manager Brand in VikhroliMarketing & Communicationposted on 29 Jun 2022Work Culture and Skill Development Read More
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Hindustan Construction Company Salaries

₹ 4.4 Lakhs
₹1.8 L/yr - ₹7.2 L/yr
Site Engineer Salary
(207 salaries)
₹ 4.6 Lakhs
₹2.4 L/yr - ₹7 L/yr
₹ 7 Lakhs
₹5 L/yr - ₹9 L/yr

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Hindustan Construction Company Benefits

Hindustan Construction Company Reviews and Ratings

based on 1k reviews

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Hindustan Construction Company Ltd is one of the few companies in the world. I have been working in this company for a long time. I feel proud to work...

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