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Indian Army

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Indian Army Benefits

Updated on 29 Mar, 2024
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Indian Army Benefit Reviews by Employees

Military Intelligence Bureau Trainee Officer-Middle Top Hierarchy in PuneOtherposted on 23 Nov 2019The learning processes are very well supported by Army Doctors & Military Psycologists is part excellence. Grooming and Training for further eligibility required for career growth and development is totally supported by their unique learning,ASAP coupled with personal grooming sessions and Military Read More
Jco in Delhiposted on 22 Aug 2017An excellent organization. Whatever I have achieved today is given to me by the organization. Each and every one here are concerned about each other and work together to achieve a common goal in which we seldom fail.Superb team spirit and support to one another makes this organization unique. Salary Read More
Lt Col in RajasthanAdministration & Facilitiesposted on 14 May 2018Indian Army provides a wholesome and well rounded experience towards career fulfillment. The training and upskilling opportunities are ensured for all employees at different milestones throughout their career. Social and cultural activities ensure a good work - life balance. Adequate facilities for Read More
Havildar in PunjabOtherposted on 8 Apr 2021Good work environment and culture. Teammates are supportive and the management is transparent. There is a huge cafeteria and gaming arcade for chilling. Company policies are good, appraisals are fair and they give good, appraisals are fair and they give good salary hike and bonus every year. So I lo Read More
Warehouse Manager in JabalpurProcurement & Supply Chainposted on 18 Dec 2018I am Subedar and Honary Lieutenant retired junior commissioned officer of the Indian Army, Corps of Signals. Last thirty years of glorious service in this field, I am proudly say that I am fully confident that any job was to be done by given the time under which satisfaction of my superiors. My eff Read More
Head Technical Training And Engineering Support in Different Parts Of IndiaProduction, Manufacturing & Engineeringposted on 28 Sep 2021Rank is a big thing in The Indian Army. The career pyramid is steep beyond the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and only about 2% of officers make it to the rank of Major General. So there is a good chance of one's being passed over for promotion (at about 17 years or so of service) but the good part Read More
Colonel in All IndiaStrategic & Top Managementposted on 26 Feb 2019It is a good , protected environment with full logistic support . There are seniors to guide you at every step and a person is given full latitude to plan and execute the task the way you want to do . Seniors supervise the job well . One is well rewarded for a good job done . Plenty of places one vi Read More
Material Manager in Panagarh W.B & Guwahatiposted on 9 Feb 2022It is a Government sector. I am very lucky to have a great chance to serve there. In all respects it is a Government Organization & I have got respect & love from my subordinate staff & Officers. All Facilities like games, canteen, work culture is high level. I am proud to retired from service there Read More
Colonel in New DelhiOtherposted on 28 Jan 2024A Well Knit Environment. Perfect Bonhomie between Officers And Personnel Below officer Rank .Freedom to do Your Work . Respect of Juniors towards Senior officers. An Excellent Environment to Work In . Additional facilities like CSD CANTEEN , Free Rations . Allowances Etc. Army is A Place for Serve W Read More
Account Assistant in RajasthanProcurement & Supply Chainposted on 28 Nov 2019This is a good job for any person who love to his motherland and its functions. I laren to administration, control ing power of human team and self discipline also by this. in working time i about know my knowledge level and work stail and its help to improve and up to growth as well as my preform Read More
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Indian Army Salaries

Colonel Salary
(417 salaries)
₹ 35 Lakhs
₹15 L/yr - ₹50 L/yr
Army Salary
(331 salaries)
₹ 6.3 Lakhs
₹2.2 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr
Major Salary
(319 salaries)
₹ 24.3 Lakhs
₹10 L/yr - ₹36 L/yr
Indian Army Benefits

Indian Army Reviews and Ratings

based on 5k reviews

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The Indian Army is renowned for its professionalism, discipline, and dedication to protecting national sovereignty. It plays a pivotal role in disaste...

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