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L&T Infotech

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Software Engineer

L&T Infotech Software Engineer Benefits

Updated on 28 Jun, 2022

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L&T Infotech Software Engineer Benefit Reviews by Employees

Software Engineer in ChennaiEngineering - Software & QAposted on 2 Oct 2018Work life balance is good and free snacks is available. Onsite opputunities other than US in some projects in rotation basis but we need to wait for our turn Read More
Software Engineer in MahapeEngineering - Software & QAposted on 23 May 2019LTI is great for freshers. You will get a lot to learn and people are friendly and helpful...Many get promotion and onsite opportunities as well Read More
Software Engineer in AiroliEngineering - Software & QAposted on 15 Jul 2019Job security, work -life balance, easy to switch projects, preferred location, paid shuttle service, free food n transport for shift workers, Read More
Software Engineer in BangaloreEngineering - Software & QAposted on 3 Aug 2021Office infrastructure and facilities like zym, cafeteria,free breakfast,free snacks and free dinner. Training facility Read More
Software Engineer in Bengaluru/BangaloreEngineering - Software & QAposted on 22 Nov 2021Work environment is good. There is a nice cafeteria with a lot of options to eat. Appraisals are fair. Read More
Software Engineer in Navi MumbaiEngineering - Software & QAposted on 31 Oct 2018Good facilities for employees e.g. free cab facility, food etc. Healthy appraisal. Read More
Software Engineer in PuneEngineering - Software & QAposted on 27 Apr 2022Work life balance, skill development opportunities, cross skill, Read More
Software Engineer in MumbaiEngineering - Software & QAposted on 22 Aug 2018You will get opportunities for skill development and learning Read More
Software Engineer in PuneBFSI, Investments & Tradingposted on 1 Oct 2023I literally didn’t liked the office cafeteria food much. Read More
Software Engineer in MumbaiEngineering - Software & QAposted on 27 Apr 2021Onsite opportunities. Opportunity to learn niche skills. Read More
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L&T Infotech Salaries

₹ 13 Lakhs
₹5.6 L/yr - ₹22.8 L/yr
₹ 6.8 Lakhs
₹2.2 L/yr - ₹10.9 L/yr
₹ 12.1 Lakhs
₹5.2 L/yr - ₹21.1 L/yr
L&T Infotech Software Engineer Benefits

L&T Infotech Software Engineer Reviews and Ratings

based on 652 reviews

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The workplace benifits are good. Good team culture and organisation structure

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