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Shriram Finance
based on 6.6k Reviews
HQ - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
50k-1 Lakh Employees (India)
Financial Services
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Shriram Finance Benefits

Updated on 4 Feb, 2024
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29 benefits available at Shriram Finance
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Shriram Finance Benefit Reviews by Employees

Relationship Executive in Rajasthanसीमीत काम होना चाहिए जैसे कि इन्सुरेंस, LI, रिकवरी, लीगल, कलेक्शन, फंडिंग ,फास्टैग सारे काम एक ही RE को करने होते है तो इनमें से कुछ को अलग किया जाए। read full review
Relationship Executive in Hyderabad / SecunderabadThe job is quite interesting! I struggled a bit in the beginning as there was no formal training session. I learnt everything on the job. I got a chance to wear multiple hats and that helped me get a taste of different roles within the same team. read full review
SGIC EXECUTIVE in SathupallyCompany gave the personal insurance risk coverage for each employee. For Manager and above level employee company was give some shares. These are the benifits and facilities . read full review
Product Executive in UttarpradeshIf you have good contact to top management then easily bring your relatives or friends to organization. HR is very poor here. read full review
Senior Relationship Executive in Krpuram . BangloreIn our 6.8 months experience in our life I get new home.marrige.and I get reputation in my relation thanks Shriram.... read full review
Relationship Executive in JodhpurTo communicate with customer and telling them abt the financial services and satisfy the queries abt the company read full review
Junior Executive in LATEHAR, JHARKHANDnothing facility , not even a cup of tea at office during working hour of 8-10 hr, nor OT (over time) wages read full review
Branch Team Leader in BiharOur company offers tour benefits if u achieved branch targets and many other benefits u have read full review
Relationship Executive in RAMPUR Himachal PradeshSHRIRAM helps the employees to giving a Oil for the Field officers went in field bike or cars. read full review
Senior Relationship Executive in Mughalsarai Chandauli...Overall company are given much more facilities like hospitality and petrol allowances.... read full review
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Shriram Finance Salaries

2.5 Lakhs
1.4 L/yr - ₹3.8 L/yr
3.5 Lakhs
0.7 L/yr - ₹6.0 L/yr
3.2 Lakhs
1.8 L/yr - ₹4.5 L/yr

Jobs at Shriram Finance

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Internal Auditor
0-2 Yrs
Not Disclosed
Shriram Finance Benefits

Shriram Finance Reviews and Ratings

based on 6.6k reviews

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I work 17month in Shriram finance limited company policy is very good company have good insensitive structure and also staff is also very good...

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