KIIT University, Bhuvaneshwar

What if you can't knock at your KIIT University, Bhuvaneshwar seniors' door for advice? Read their placement interview questions and crack your next interview. 🏆

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KIIT University, Bhuvaneshwar Placement Interview Questions

Updated 22 May 2024

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user image Anonymous

posted on 29 Mar 2023

Interview experience
Rating 4
Difficulty level
2-4 weeks
Yes, I joined the company

I applied via Campus Placement and was interviewed before Mar 2022.

4 Interview Rounds


Resume Shortlist Round

Pro Tip by AmbitionBox:
Keep your resume crisp and to the point. A recruiter looks at your resume for an average of 6 seconds, make sure to leave the best impression.
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Aptitude Test Round

The aptitude test consisted of genral aptitude questions, reasoning and english.


Coding Test Round

The coding round had 2 codes that can be written in desired language.


Technical Round (2 Questions)

  • Q1. In interview questions were being asked from resume and some questions from programming.
  • Q2. What is array, diffrence between C and C++, what is object oriented programming, what projects who have worked on.

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - As per my knowledge, I suggest interns to learn and partice coding in whatever language they like to do and work on their aptitude as well as communication skills.
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Project Engineer interview

user image Tech and Target

posted on 16 Nov 2021

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user image Anonymous

posted on 18 Sep 2015

1 Interview Round

Interview Questions

Interview Preparation Tips

Round: Technical Interview
Experience: It was amazing experience. He was impressed with my answers.
Tips: Whatever you answer,answer with examples so that the interviewer will feel that you know the concept.
And don't give up easily,try to answer it if you can't then ask for a HINT.

Skills: Confidence,Body language,Eagerness to learn,adaptibility,
College Name: KIIT University

Top skills recommended for Wipro Software Engineer interview

Insights by AmbitionBox
  • Java
  • OOPS
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Django
  • API
  • Flask
  • Javascript
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user image R SRINIVAS

posted on 21 Mar 2015

4 Interview Rounds

Interview Questions

Interview Preparation Tips

Round: Test
Experience: its pretty easy.
Tips: try to follow and R S Aggarwal aptitude book.

Round: HR Interview
Experience: it was a bit tough experience
Tips: give a smile while you are introducing yourself and speak full truth.don't say anything about your father's occupation or your mother's occupation.only say about yourself.

General Tips: if you don't know anything,dont say strict no...try to divert the topic towards your area of interest.
Skill Tips: be perfect in programming languages.
Skills: programming skills
Motivation: my elders especially my family members.

Top skills recommended for Wipro Project Engineer interview

Insights by AmbitionBox
  • Software Engineering
  • AWS
  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • Test Cases
  • .Net
  • Agile
  • Artificial Intelligence
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2 Interview Rounds

Interview Preparation Tips

Round: Test
Experience: Online test paper was very easy. The main thing was time management. The technical aptitude round was adaptive. All the questions required very clear concepts of C, DS and Java. They were kind of easy, but some of us said it was quite difficult.
140 students out of 153 cleared this round.

The aptitude round were not very easy, but if one can solve the R.S. Agarwal book, he or she wont be facing much difficulty.

College Name: KIIT University

Top skills recommended for Wipro Project Engineer interview

Insights by AmbitionBox
  • Big Data
  • Billing
  • C++
  • CSS
  • Data Analysis
  • Debugging
  • Docker
  • ETL
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