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Atomberg Technologies Product/Brand Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated 12 Sep 2020

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Product/Brand Manager Interview Questions

user image Thanvi Sneh

posted on 12 Sep 2020

I applied via Shine and was interviewed in Mar 2020.

5 Interview Rounds

Interview Questions

  • Q1. Why do companies need Marketing Dept.?
  • Q2. What do you mean by Marketing
  • Q3. What new can you bring to this company?
  • Q4. You are from a completely different product background, why should we hire you?
  • Q5. I see it as an opportunity, I come with a completely different perspective and it is very important to have a fresh perspective to see things/projects.

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - I give many interviews and at times I am unable to get through, but with every failed attempt, I get to learn something. We all learn from our failure, its ok if you fail.
See this as an opportunity, for example, everyone aspires to be associated with that ONE company, or brand. For some, it may be Facebook or someone like me it is Ducati, BMW, or Triumph. What if you are giving an interview in your dream company and they ask you a question which you faced in one of your previous interview where you were not able to answer it, but you went back home prepared for that question and now in this dream interview you are able to answer it only because someone gave you this opportunity to think about a question.

Atomberg Technologies Interview FAQs

What are the top questions asked in Atomberg Technologies Product/Brand Manager interview?

Some of the top questions asked at the Atomberg Technologies Product/Brand Manager interview -

  1. Why do companies need Marketing Dep...read more
  2. What do you mean by Market...read more
  3. I see it as an opportunity, I come with a completely different perspective and ...read more

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