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McKinsey & Company Interview Questions, Process, and Tips

Updated 9 Apr 2024

Top 10 McKinsey & Company Interview Questions and Answers

Curated by AmbitionBox

  • Q1. The CEO of a chain of private hospitals wants to reduce attrition among senior doctors. This is a serious issue because when senior doctors leave they take along more
    Asked in Consultant interview
  • Q2. Growth of cars vs growth of motorbikes - which would grow faster in % terms? A: Economic factor the main reason to go for bikes. Shift from lower middle to upper middle, more
    Asked in Business Analyst interview
  • Q3. You own an e-commerce website which sells jewellery, fashion products and apparel majorly for women. You have spent a good amount on marketing the site but still are in more
    Asked in Intern interview
  • Q4. There is a chairman of a conglomerate. He has been on the post for 10 years, and is extremely dominating. He treats the various business heads like children, not letting more
    Asked in Manager interview
  • Q5. He laid out the problem. There’s an airport somewhere in London, which has 4 terminals and 2 runways. The airport authorities are planning to build a 5th terminal. Would more
    Asked in Engagement Manager interview
  • Q6. Can you calculate the number of auto-rickshaws in any city of your choice?
    Asked in Junior Associate interview
  • Q7. Search an element in a sorted and rotated array
    Asked in Software Engineer interview
  • Q8. Heathrow airport wishes to add a 5th terminal to its existing 4 terminals. Should it go ahead?
    Asked in Associate interview
  • Q9. Rotate matrix by 90 degrees You are given a square matrix of non-negative integers 'MATRIX'. Your task is to rotate that array by 90 degrees in an anti-clockwise more
    Asked in Data Science Intern interview
  • Q10. Puzzle: You have lost your wallet containing 500 rupees. There is a similar wallet with an unknown amount of money. You have to bid highest amongst many bidders to get more
    Asked in Summer Intern interview

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I applied via Company Website and was interviewed in Feb 2023.

6 Interview Rounds


Resume Shortlist Round

Pro Tip by AmbitionBox:
Keep your resume crisp and to the point. A recruiter looks at your resume for an average of 6 seconds, make sure to leave the best impression.
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Assignment Round

A link to assessment that checks your language proficiency and email writing skills.


Telephonic Call Round (6 Questions)

  • Q1. Why you are looking for a job change?
  • Q2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years and later in 10 years?
  • Q3. What responsibilities have you previously worked on in the last firm?
  • Q4. Situations that you have to share where you exhibited leadership quality?
  • Q5. Situations in which you delivered the results and how you handled the tension at that moment?
  • Q6. Any personal or career-based achievement that you are proud of?

Technical Round (2 Questions)


One-on-one Round (7 Questions)

  • Q1. This opportunity is for you to explain how you documented the discrepancies and why, you get to have a chance to further improve the PowerPoint yourself. They more
  • Q2. What made you apply for this role?
  • Q3. What are your achievements?
  • Q4. Examples of situations where you had to communicate complicated information to a large audience?
  • Q5. Situations where you have to give feedback or receive feedback?
  • Q6. Situations where you contributed and you are proud of your role?
  • Q7. How do you expect your skills to be of use for this job?

One-on-one Round (6 Questions)

  • Q1. How do you handle negative feedback?
  • Q2. Your view on working with a diverse group at the company?
  • Q3. Situations that you have worked with a diverse group or a group with different opinions?
  • Q4. Your willingness to be flexible to complete the task assigned to you?
  • Q5. How do you share feedback in situations where you found poor work?
  • Q6. How do you receive feedback for your poor work and how to you act after that, what steps do you consider taking inorder to improve?

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - It's best to be frank and sincere when you respond to interview questions, if you goof up on one question then they will dig deeper into that certain area and try to corner you. Have examples to respond to for all the questions, if not they with question further which could make you repeat what you said again and again leaving a poor impression.

Make sure to use a mouse and earphones during the interview, also work on PowerPoint beforehand to improve your skills.

Top skills recommended for McKinsey & Company Business Presentation Specialist interview

Insights by AmbitionBox
  • E - publishing
  • Powerpoint
  • Content Creation
  • voice process
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analysis
  • MS Office
user image Anonymous

posted on 13 Oct 2022

I applied via Campus Placement and was interviewed in Sep 2022.

4 Interview Rounds


Coding Test Round

There were 2 DSA questions that we had to solve on HackerRank. One of them was a medium dynamic programming question - minimum insertions required to make a string palindrome. The other was a fairly easy question that required knowledge of permutations and combinations. We just had to figure out a maths formula given the situation.
1st round also involved a logical game that we had to play. We were scored based on coding + game and shortlisted for next round.


Coding Test Round

An interviewer joined me on zoom meet and sent a HackerRank link to a question. It was a medium dynamic programming/backtracking question. I solved it but only half the test cases ran while others threw TLE as my recursive code took exponential time.


One-on-one Round (7 Questions)

  • Q1. Explain what happens after you search a url on your browser. (Had to explain the whole DNS working)
  • Q2. Explain how video calling works. (Had to explain the whole OSI model)
  • Q3. Asked possible causes of ClassNotFoundException and MemoryOutOfBoundException
  • Q4. Asked 2 or 3 case study questions like designing a car infotainment system.
  • Q5. Asked about the usefulness of OOPS.
  • Q6. Asked how Java code compiles/runs(had to explain about creation of class file, JVM etc)
  • Q7. Asked about working of https.

HR Round (4 Questions)

Interview Preparation Tips

Topics to prepare for McKinsey & Company Junior Engineer interview:
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Networking
  • System Design
  • Operating Systems
  • OOPS
Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - There's limited time for the live coding round infront of the interviewer(around 20-30 mints). Try to complete the brute force algorithm first bfr trying for optimizations.
user image Anonymous

posted on 5 Feb 2024

Interview experience
Rating 4
Difficulty level
6-8 weeks
Selected Selected

3 Interview Rounds


online game Round (4 Questions)


One-on-one Round (2 Questions)


One-on-one Round (2 Questions)

McKinsey & Company interview questions for popular designations



Business Analyst


Business Presentation Specialist


Summer Intern




Management Consultant


Engagement Manager




user image Anonymous

posted on 22 Dec 2022

Interview experience
Rating 5
Very good
Difficulty level
More than 8 weeks
Selected Selected

I applied via Approached by Company and was interviewed in Jun 2022.

2 Interview Rounds


Resume Shortlist Round

Pro Tip by AmbitionBox:
Don’t add your photo or details such as gender, age, and address in your resume. These details do not add any value.
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One-on-one Round (5 Questions)

  • Q1. Explain a situation where you have handled critical challenge in terms of team conflict. And how did you resolve it.
  • Q2. Tell me about a situation where you have demonstrated leadership capability and handled diverse team
  • Q3. Tell me about a situation where you have to act out of the box to motivate team or individual to achieve a target.
  • Q4. The interview was not question answer based rather discussion oriented focused on experience
  • Q5. The interviewers were also looking for my understanding and plan for their existing problems, as the role was of a strategy manager

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - Total 6 rounds of interviews happened. First round: technical screening for a strategic role, all other rounds were PEI ( personal experience interviews). It is important dive deep into real world experiences gathered during job, schooling or any other point in time that can be relevant in answering the ask. It can be grilling sometimes because answers need to be precise yet convincing. Bluffing around false experience may not be beneficial.
user image Anonymous

posted on 7 Nov 2022

I applied via Company Website and was interviewed in May 2022.

7 Interview Rounds


Resume Shortlist Round

Pro Tip by AmbitionBox:
Properly align and format text in your resume. A recruiter will have to spend more time reading poorly aligned text, leading to high chances of rejection.
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Aptitude Test Round

This aptitude + technical MCQ test was of 120 minutes in duration. Had MCQs on quantitative ability, logical ability, Language, and technical MCQs consisted of questions on DBMS, OS, Networks, DSA. There were two coding questions as well. One on Bit Manipulating, and the other on DFS.


One-on-one Round (1 Question)

  • Q1. A question on BFS very similar to Leetcode 924. Was given one hour to discuss and come to an optimized solution with the interviewer.

Technical Round (4 Questions)


Technical Round (2 Questions)


Case Study Round

Guesstimate on number of Reddit users in India. No starting input was given. Gave solution by using bottom to top approach. Tried to focus on quantifying teenagers with internet access and a particular interest about internet. Gave a figure around ~1 million in a year.


HR Round (1 Question)

Interview Preparation Tips

Topics to prepare for McKinsey & Company Software Engineer interview:
  • DSA
  • DBMS
  • Web Development
Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - Show leadership potential. Be honest. They are smart, they are McKinsey, they know what's what. If appearing for software profile, the preparation is no different from what's needed for other companies. They are highly selective. Rest assured; it will be good experience, keep your head up.
user image Anonymous

posted on 25 Mar 2023

I applied via campus placement at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

3 Interview Rounds


HR Round (7 Questions)

  • Q1. Why McKinsey?
  • Q2. Why Consulting?
  • Q3. Think of a failure in life and how it changed you?
  • Q4. Situational questions on teamwork & how to deal with team members?
  • Q5. Finance as a specialization: what are your key learnings?
  • Q6. Social projects done at Miranda House & difficulties and uncertainty faced in those: how did I overcome them?
  • Q7. Experience at Citi: what was your project, key learnings, first corporate experience?

Case Study Round

McKinsey is working with an auto components supplier for automotive vehicles. Design a strategy to increase its revenues in the next 3-5 years.
[Please note that I stands for Interviewer and C stands for Candidate] 

C: Is there a target revenue increase?

I: Doubling in next 3 years.

C: Which geography is our client located in?

I: India

C: Who are the takers of these auto components and where are they based?

I: Indian companies: likes of say Maruti (for 4 wheelers) and Honda (for 2 wheelers).

C: What parts/components of the automobile exactly do they manufacture?

I: Exteriors (steel fabricated parts visible externally: say doors of the car, roof).

C: Should I focus on OEMs for 4 wheelers & if yes, which specific types of 4 wheelers (say passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles)?

I: Yes, both are serviced by the client. Focus on them.

C: I'd like to understand the industry landscape: growth rate of the company vis-a-vis industry.

I: Industry has been growing steadily. Our client is present & it's not losing market share.

C: What are the distribution channels: any direct-to-consumer touchpoint?

I: They supply to OEMs and also sell replacement parts via client --> distributors --> retailers -> car owners who need replacement.

At this point, I thought I fairly understood the case-at-hand and took a couple of minutes to think.

My structure was as follows:

Step 1: Identify the different sources of revenue existing and potential: Sales to car manufacturers & replacement market (existing), new product lines (car interiors like seats/steering): potential lines.

Step 2: For each revenue line, demarcated the markets (existing geographies v/s new ones)

C: What are the KPIs in this industry for the current geographies?

I: What do you think? Focus on existing product & market.

1) Interoperability among different models/carmakers

2) Quality & longevity of product

3) Service guarantee

4) Price point

I: Point 1 & 4 were the key to success in this space.

C: Could you tell me about the players in the current space & if there are any foreign forces?

I: Mentioned Chinese players and how they were flooding the market with cheaper components to which the current costs stood no competition. Please recommend both short term & long-term solutions to combat this.

C: Mentioned few points like their source of low costs was cheap steel which was 80% of the auto-body. Short Term Solution: Demand exclusivity from OEMs to sign long term contracts.

Long Term Solution: Procurement Lever, Rationalizing steel usage, alternative material R&D, brand name development.

I: Thanks, that'll be all. Please synthesize the case for me.


Case Study Round

Guesstimate the market for niche home products for smart personal devices for households.
[Please note that I stands for Interviewer and C stands for Candidate] 

It was more conversational. I did not realize when the case started.

Laid out the structure: number of HHs in India --> Urban/Rural Split --> Income split.

I: Please do the entire calculation and give me the numbers.

C: Started calculating & speaking the figures aloud.

I: Tell me the specific customer segments to target at the outset.

Identified the following target segments:

1) Rich & affluent urban nuclear families

2) Double Income No Kids segment

3) Tech-inclined singles

4) Old aged rich grandparents looking for convenience.

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - Be calm; everything else syncs.

Jobs at McKinsey & Company

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user image Anonymous

posted on 25 Mar 2023

I applied via campus placement at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

3 Interview Rounds


HR Round (4 Questions)

  • Q1. I have gone through your CV, but can you tell your life story and some key things from your resume?
  • Q2. If we don't make an offer to you today, what will you do and how would you react?
  • Q3. You said that McKinsey is your dream company, what is that about McKinsey?
  • Q4. Tell me about a situation when you were leading a team, and the team didn't perform to its potential, what did you do?

Case Study Round

I am running a very niche NBFC targeted at MSMEs. I offer hassle-free small ticket loans of about 5-10-15 lakhs through digitization. We are not growing as per our expectations, please help.
[Please note that I stands for Interviewer and C stands for Candidate] 

C: Since when are we facing the problem and what is our target for growth?

I: We want to grow 3x-4x in a year, and the problem is happening for the last 12-18 months.

C: Which cities are we targeting currently? And MSMEs in which sector particularly?

I: We are currently focused on top 10-15 cities of India, on front end, we don't have any sectoral preferences, however, in the backend, most of our loans have been granted to MSME construction firms, restaurants and garages.

C: Can I know more about the loan terms: Collateral, documentation needed, time taken to disburse loans, Interest rates, payment terms etc.?

I: Loans are collateral free, we do full documentation check: where we need bank statements and P&L statements of the MSME for cash flow estimation, GST linkages etc. As I told the process is hassle free, we provide loans in 1-2 days, and since the loans are provided quickly, interest rates are little on higher side.

C: What is the time frame we are looking at? Is there any budgetary constraint?

I: Time horizon is 6-12 months and definitely no NBFC would be burning money like that.


C: As we wish to grow the number of loans disbursed, we can divide it into: Number of customers * number of loans per customer
Focusing on number of customers: we can look at 3 dimensions:

1) New markets: Outside India and Inside India (Tier 2-3 cities where most of the MSMEs are based out of)

2) New products: Expanding into banking, Fintech (Digital payments, digital insurance, wealth tech etc.)

3) Market penetration: Attracting more no. of customers in the existing market.

I: Start with 3rd part.

C: Can I know more about the distribution model, is it all digital or we also have salesforce?

I: We operate largely online, however, salesforce is used to spread word amongst MSMEs.

C: I would like to structure this ahead in terms of

1) Awareness of our NBFC

2) Loan terms attractiveness

3) Accessibility of our salesforce and digital platform

4) Experience: issues in loan disbursal process

I: Okay, start from the first one then.

C: I would like to explore all possible mediums of lead generation like telephone calls, face to face visits, emails, website, apps and affiliate marketing. is there problem across any?

I: No.

C: Based on my prior case competition experience, where I did personal surveys with 30+ MSMEs, most of the mails etc. are made in English and loads of calls and emails are considered as SPAM by MSMEs, thus I would suggest calls and mails should be made in the regional languages of the MSMEs, and for greater trust and credibility, we should reach out to trade associations like Shankar Market Trade association in Delhi.

Generally, the MSMEs. are organized into trade associations and thus reaching out directly to these trade associations and their presidents, provide greater credibility and support from MSMEs.

I: Yes, this could be done, what else? You talked about Amazon; how can we leverage them?

C: Yes, we can do affiliate marketing on Amazon and their home page.

I: What about the various sellers who are selling on Amazon, aren't they also our target market?

C: Yes, absolutely, we should rather partner with Amazon to list us as SME loan provider while a seller is registering and creating profile with Amazon, to target them in the beginning only.

I: Yes, this could also be done. What next?

C: I would like to shift to loan terms now.

You mentioned that our rate of interest in higher, is it a possibility that we can reduce them a notch?

I: The problem is that we have little data, and thus interest rates are charged higher due to limited data.

C: In that case, for gathering more data, we should make use of open banking, partner with various digital payments providers like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay that these MSMEs use for collecting payments so that we can estimate cash flows of the MSMEs with greater accuracy based on thus data, as a result, our interest rates can also reduce.

I: Okay, what else?

C: We can also look at the tenure and frequency of payments (EMIs), increasing the tenure of loans, provides greater cushion to MSMEs and flexible loan payment terms like balloon payments, quarterly, half yearly or yearly installments rather than monthly payments, would ease the pressure on the clients. Also, we can facilitate Auto debits, ECS/NACH mechanism so that MSMEs are regular in their payments, and they don't default.

I: We are already having auto debit facility, what else?

C: I would now like to look at accessibility part. is our app present on Android/Apple phones?

I: Yes.

C: Is there any problem with loading of the website/app and working speed?

I: No.

C: Ok, then I would shift to our salesforce. Here, I would look at quantitative and qualitative factors. Quantitative: number of salesforces, number of visits made by each. Qualitative: quality of engagement with the MSMEs, negotiation skills, training, experience etc.

I: (Abruptly ended the case, and asked to tell 2-3 major ideas from the entire discussion).


Case Study Round

Numerical Problem

I: We are a cellphone manufacturer; we are facing the following issue -

Current price: 1000$
Margin per unit: 200$
Currently selling 2 million units:

Sales head has come with the following proposal:

Reduce price by 5%, and volume would go up by 25%.

Evaluate the proposal on contribution margin basis.

Now, if you don't want your contribution to get impacted, by what percentage should your cost reduce.
Solved the numerical based on my course knowledge.

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - Always reflect your positive attitude, eagerness to learn and improve. Don't get bogged down even if you commit any error.

Management Consultant interview

user image Firm Learning

posted on 16 Feb 2022

user image Anonymous

posted on 24 Mar 2023

I applied via campus placement at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

3 Interview Rounds


HR Round (4 Questions)


Other Round (1 Question)

  • Q1. The first interview was majorly an interaction on different concepts of Statistics.

Case Study Round

Your client is a financial institution who provides loan services. They plan to extend loan facility to lifestyle products (TV, mobile phones) in the online market. Consider they plan to tie up with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. How many loans could they expect, given that more than 50% of the market will avail the service for products over ₹5k.
[Please note that I stands for Interviewer and C stands for Candidate]

C: Starting with India's population (took 1.4 Bn for ease of calculation), I would first split them on the basis of urban and rural population. Then I would consider Internet penetration in these regions. Further I would divide each region on the basis of age as it influences people's preference towards online medium for purchase of Lifestyle products. Am I heading in the right direction?

I: Go ahead.

C: So here we have the total market for lifestyle products. Next, the average life of a product is generally 3 years which I would factor in to get the annual demand. I would then look at income division to understand which people will actually turn towards loans for their purchases (Took the interviewer's buy in while fitting the number to get the market size)

I: So Disha, now that we do not have much time left can you summarize what steps would you take after this to get to the answer.

C: Sure, I would consider the 50% market size and considering around 80% lifestyle products (assuming phones, TVs, smart watches) are above 5K I would come up with the final market size.

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - During the interview, demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively and effectively with others.nterview, demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively and effectively with others.
user image Anonymous

posted on 24 Mar 2023

I applied via campus placement at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

2 Interview Rounds


HR Round (5 Questions)


Case Study Round

A private equity firm is interested to invest in metros and ports in India. Help them decide.
[Please note that I stands for Interviewer and C stands for Candidate]

C: Understood the motivation behind entry into the Indian market and this sector and their existing portfolio. Clarified if there was any other motive for entering this market apart from profits. For the valuation part, I analyzed the targeted rate of return and time for recuperating the investment and the desired cost of capital.

I: A Canadian firm wants to invest in India and is looking for good income flow. The timeline is 2-3 months. There is no specific location or other constraints.

C: I analyzed the regulatory environment (given the nature of the sector, wanted to understand if there were any current / upcoming regulation regarding investments in infrastructure). Clarified that tolls form a major source of revenue for the highway (95% w.r.t this case). Therefore, I restricted the analysis to the revenue earned via tolls as a matter of this case. I mentioned about different types of valuations and clarified that Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method will be used to value this project.

I: What are the potential risks to this investment?

C: Used a graph to show the risk factors and ROI indifference curve. Future economic outlook, systematic risk, operational, Technology changes in future, currency risk. Spoke about the risk equation of r = (1/N) *Var + (1-1/N) * Cov to highlight that there is always going to be some systematic risk and mentioned the risk mitigation strategies through hedging.

I: Can you calculate the loss in case a type of commercial vehicles stopped using the highway (agri vehicles)?

C: (Got data related to different type and proportion of vehicles that use the highway and calculated revenue lost if 50% of agri: commercial vehicles stop using the highway.

Data: 100,000 vehicles per day; 40% cars, 20% buses and 40% commercial vehicles with toll charges 100, 200 and 300 respectively. 50% agri and remaining auto commercial vehicles. Calculated per day loss of 3 Mio and was asked to list down the reasons for decline in agri commercial vehicles and ways to compensate for the lost income.

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - Emphasize your relevant work experience, internships, or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your analytical, strategic, and problem-solving abilities.

McKinsey & Company Interview FAQs

How many rounds are there in McKinsey & Company interview?
McKinsey & Company interview process usually has 2-3 rounds. The most common rounds in the McKinsey & Company interview process are Case Study, HR and One-on-one Round.
How to prepare for McKinsey & Company interview?
Go through your CV in detail and study all the technologies mentioned in your CV. Prepare at least two technologies or languages in depth if you are appearing for a technical interview at McKinsey & Company. The most common topics and skills that interviewers at McKinsey & Company expect are Accounts Payable, Customer Service, US Payroll, voice process and Communication Skills.
What are the top questions asked in McKinsey & Company interview?

Some of the top questions asked at the McKinsey & Company interview -

  1. There is a chairman of a conglomerate. He has been on the post for 10 years, more
  2. Growth of cars vs growth of motorbikes - which would grow faster in % terms? more
  3. You own an e-commerce website which sells jewellery, fashion products and more
How long is the McKinsey & Company interview process?

The duration of McKinsey & Company interview process can vary, but typically it takes about less than 2 weeks to complete.

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Interview Process at McKinsey & Company

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Difficulty level

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Less than 2 weeks 36%
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4-6 weeks 16%
6-8 weeks 16%
More than 8 weeks 16%

People are getting interviews through

based on 137 McKinsey & Company interviews
Campus Placement
Job Portal
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Recruitment Consultant
12% candidates got the interview through other sources.
High Confidence
High Confidence means the data is based on a large number of responses received from the candidates.

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