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Primus Techsystems SAP SD Functional Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated 29 Jan 2022

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SAP SD Functional Consultant Interview Questions

user image Anonymous

posted on 29 Jan 2022

I applied via LinkedIn and was interviewed before Jan 2021.

2 Interview Rounds


One-on-one Round (1 Question)

  • Q1. Generally Questions based on current job responsibilities. Daily activities

HR Round (4 Questions)

Interview Preparation Tips

Interview preparation tips for other job seekers - Good company for freshers. You can get lots of learning from here.
Be ready to travel all over India
Technical Growth good, salary range not as per market.
HR give fake commitments, but Owner is Very good.

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Interview Questions

  • Q1. First they have written exam, followed by Technical round , followed by Managerial round , followed by HR Round

Top skills recommended for Reserve Bank Information Technology SAP HCM Functional Consultant interview

Insights by AmbitionBox
  • OM
  • PA
  • PCR
  • PY
  • SAP
  • Time Management

Primus Techsystems Interview FAQs

How many rounds are there in Primus Techsystems SAP SD Functional Consultant interview?
Primus Techsystems interview process usually has 2 rounds. The most common rounds in the Primus Techsystems interview process are One-on-one Round and HR.

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Primus Techsystems SAP SD Functional Consultant Salary
based on 13 salaries

Average annual salary

3.7 Lakhs
₹3.5 L/yr - ₹4.7 L/yr
55% less than the average SAP SD Functional Consultant Salary in India
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SAP Abap Consultant
94 salaries
3.7 Lakhs

₹2 L/yr - ₹6.5 L/yr

SAP MM Consultant
75 salaries
4.2 Lakhs

₹2.5 L/yr - ₹7.5 L/yr

SAP SD Consultant
61 salaries
3.7 Lakhs

₹2.6 L/yr - ₹6 L/yr

SAP Fico Consultant
46 salaries
6.3 Lakhs

₹3 L/yr - ₹8.5 L/yr

Associate Consultant
40 salaries
4 Lakhs

₹2.4 L/yr - ₹6 L/yr

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