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Interview Process

Test → Technical Interview → Technical Interview → HR Interview



APTITUDE TEST:(Please mention the domains that the test was based on, number of questions asked, amount of 
time provided for the test, whichever questions you remember, and whatever you thought you did wrong ) 
The aptitude test was objective
Time duration 1 hour
It consisted of 4 sections.
1. Section1 (35 questions)
 This section had question on oop concepts, Unix, Networks, Database, data structure.
2.  Section2  (5 questions)
 This section was simple to few and tough for some and had 5 code snippets in java..
3. Section3 (14 questions)
 Basic questions on Unix commands and network (Subnet mask)
4. Section4 (24 questions)
 It had basic quant, almost more than 75 % questions were from net.
No. of people shortlisted after the aptitude test  = 24

Technical Interview

Interview Experience

(This was technical )Duration: 60 minutes approx. for all (Mine was roughly 20/25 mins)
There were two interviewers.
 It started with tell me difference between c and c++
 Next followed with interviewers fav question ”tell me about yourself”
 He then scanned through my CV and asked me if I m good at c/c++/java.
My reply was sir c/c++ and java. So they were like but your friends said that u didn’t had it in more than one sem (I don’t knw who said so), so I was like ya its true but then my resume wouldn’t have lied as all my 5 projects were on java, so I said Sir I knw it thoroughly (A great risk of saying u knw java thoroughly)
 So the he started asking proper interview questions: 
>> Say if I m new to OOP can u tell me how should I start??
>> What do u mean by late binding
>> Can you explain Multiple inheritance
Explain it in java and c++ perspective
>> Can you explain Access specifier(public,private,protected)
>> Can you explain Default access specifier
 Explain me ur Span system project, he is like y such fancy name?? 
 What was ur work in it..
 Explain me the basic design of it
 Explain me abt databse, which db u worked on??
 What did u do in database
 Do you knw cursor,index,triggers
 Where did you use it
 Explain normalization??
 Explain Aggregate functions??
 Explain how do I run the query of getting count of my emp
 Write query to add sal of all emp??
 Explain me abt Messaging system
 Explain me about ur internship project 
 Tell me about you jsp work
 About oracle and Db2 which one you like (I said oracle bcoz they r their client and IBM their enemy) 
 Which os you have worked on??
 U ok with unix ??
 Explain few commands ( ps,whoami,ls,etc..)
 Explain networks 
 Subnet Mask
Both Interviewrs said in same tone “Ohh all so good , Awesome interviewing you”…
No. Of people shortlisted after this round: approx. 5 from btech and 3 from mtech

Technical Interview

Interview Experience

ROUND 2: (20 mins)
This was on are final year project
There was only one male (Mr Hitesh Salaa) He started with introduce yourself in brief.
 About my academics
 About my final year project
 Whose idea is it
 How did you go for it
 What research work you did
 Explain me one application on hearing which I ll place you:
>> Sir, say for example if u want an increment , u ll in real time capture an image of ur boss to detect his emotion and proceed only if he is happy or smiling :D :P
>> he said it with a big smile “u r placed.”
 Asked me about y aint u placed in any regular (specially y not L&T).  U didn’t get it or u didn’t wanted it.
>> I said no sir nothing like that, but at the same time I had Nvidia, so didn’t appear for any regular.
>> So he is like did you get Nvidia  (I said NO!!)
 Then he is like what abt Credit Suisse , I heard you are on Hold by them (  I don’t know who informed them) 
>> I said isr its true, but its probability is less. He is like but still if they place u, then u ll leave us??
>> I said “No sir, If Tibco shows so much Trust in me, its my turn to respect it and join u”
>> He was impressed a lot.
 What did you like in Tibco
 Did you see r site
 Which product you r interested?

HR Interview

Interview Experience

ROUND 3:This was HR interview (10 mins)
There was only one male 
 Asked about myself, family background, hobbies and interests etc…
 About Mumbai. Y wld u love to live here. What about ur parents? Who will take care of them?
 What about ur further studies plan?
>> I said I m preparing for gate. (then again they started if u score good u wld leave tibco 
( I donno y were they so insecure) .. I had to say no I wont sir if I m placed at tibco on basis of my Btech qualification I don’t need to do gate, but if my job needs me to get an additional degree I will certainly go for it? )
 Any travel or relocation constraints? 
>> I said No
 He asked about so you fine about Hyderabad??  
>>I said not really sir, but then if there is no other vacancy its fine
 Then he explained me about Compensation 
 Then he asked did u visited our website, What attracted you the most.. 
 Y u want to join TIBCO
 Any questions for me???
>> What attracted you to Tibco?

Overall Experience

(Do tell us what you felt you could have done better, and whatever you feel would help someonein preparing for the company and getting the job. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME AND FILLTHIS SECTION PROPERLY.) Know you resume very well Having project work, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities add values to yourresume Be very specific with your answers upto the point.. Don’t confuse them an ddont beconfused.. Say only those things that you knw!! (technical/non-technical) Don’t be fake.BE YOURSELF It’s okay if you can’t answer few questions, tell them so, they might help you out Be confident about what you know and equally ignorant about the questions that you feelcan’t answer. It’s better to forget them rather than letting them affect the remainingcourse of your interview.



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