Parent class has run() and walk() . Parent run() - calls walk() Child Class overrides Parent class Inside run() - calls Walk() - calls super.walk In main class Parent p = new child() What will be the order of execution?

code be like package logical; public class Parent { void run() { System.out.println("Inside Parent's run"); walk(); } void walk() { System.out.println("Inside Parent's walk"); } } packag...
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Let's break down the order of execution step by step: Parent p = new Child();: Here, you are creating an instance of the Child class but assigning it to a reference variable of type Parent. This is a...
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The order of execution will be: parent's run() -> child's run() -> parent's walk()When is called, it will first execute the run() method of the parent classInside the parent's run() method, it...
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