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  1. Question related to projects mentioned in CV.
  2. Question related to Database Management.
  3. Given a web portal that is running slow, how would you debug the solution for that? Answer stepwise.
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  1. Basics of programming language
  2. Microprocessor basics
  3. Basics of programming language
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  1. What are the golden rules of accounting?
  2. What are accounting ratios? When is it useful?
  3. Describe Reconciliation and it's journal entries?
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  1. You have a decent CPI and are from Maths background so why not go for a
asked in Deutsche bank
  1. Tell me one of the best projects you think you have worked on?
asked in HSBC
  1. What is your favourite subject?
asked in ernst & young
  1. 1. Why do you want to join Citi?
  2. 2. Why do you want a career in banking? And not consulting or finance?
  3. 3. How has the Indian Economy performed in the past 2 years?
asked in Citibank
  1. About internships About projects Use cases Puzzels About your personality
asked in Mu Sigma
  1. Who or what inspires you the most?
  2. What are the qualities of a leader?
  3. Why Morgan Stanley?
asked in Morgan Stanley
  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. When do you want to join Citicorp?
  3. What are my future plans?
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  1. -What did they tell you about GMC (Global Markets Center) ?
  2. What is inflation?
  3. Why is inflation being talked about these days?
asked in Deutsche bank
  1. Why do you want to join ey?
asked in ernst & young
  1. A question on game theory with no nash equilibrium (the game was not presented in such a manner; I formulated it as 2 by 2 matrix game with 2 players)
  2. A question on a calculator with 10 functions exp, square, sin, cos, tan and their inverses. Convert 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 to -3
asked in Goldman Sachs
  1. Prob questions
asked in Goldman Sachs
  1. What was your internship in IIM A about?
  2. Okay. How many people attended StanChart Mumbai Marathon?
  3. The puzzle of 2 cans of 3Litre and 5 litre used to measure other values (very common one)
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  1. Probability based questions
asked in Goldman Sachs
  1. It was a mathematical question. Very big.
asked in Bain & Company
  1. It was a simple case study concerning micro-finance company in a village with two possible clienteles.
  2. One about a telecom company involving broadband plans and some differentiation to get point where maximum profit is obtained. Somewhere down the line he asked me another point where zero profit zero loss condition occurs
asked in CapitalOne
  1. Estimate the revenue of a Dominos outlet
asked in Snapdeal
  1. Client is experiencing some problems with its BPO in terms of dissatisfied customers. How would you identify the problems in the call center? Suggest solutions
asked in Nomura Holdings
  1. Tell me something about yourself ?
  2. What is the process of Market Research ?
  3. How did you know about Consumer Neuroscience ? ( I had spoken about it during induction )
asked in ACNielsen
  1. How was your day?-Tell me about yourself?
  2. Which language do you prefer to code in? "Have you read The C Programming Language book by Dennis Retchie?" Which technical book have you read recently?.-So you like C, have you ever thought of bringing up the concept of Inheritance in C?
  3. What is the reason behind inventing the concept of inheritance? Write a program and explain
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  1. Hey whatsup? (demo)
asked in Infosys

  1. Guesstimate how much a thief, who operate on shopping can earn in a year
  2. The probability of a car passes the highway in a subset time if the probability of a car passing in one hour given
asked in Opera Solutions
  1. A general puzzle question
asked in EXL Service

  1. How many samosas does your college canteen sell?
  2. How many chairs are there in your college?
asked in Infosys
  1. How many advertisements are running on the yellow line of Delhi metro right now?
asked in Bain & Company
  1. Write a 10 digit largest number with some constraint (I didn’t remember the exact constraint but it’s a standard question)
  2. Guesstimate the number of viewers to a sports blog
asked in Opera Solutions
  1. Estimate the costs of an Auto-Rickshaw driver. (No time frame)
asked in Snapdeal
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