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  1. Explain final year project
  2. Extra curriculars
  3. Details mentioned in the CV
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  1. asking just previous company details and some technical questions of my job role
asked in Computer Sciences Corporation
  1. 15
asked in Eurofins Scientific
  1. How Comfortable you are working with MATLAB
asked in Caterpillar Inc
  1. You have been consistent with your scores ever wished you could have improved your rank?
  2. Plans of higher studies...if yes, then what, if no are you certain they wont change soon?
  3. Strengths and weaknesses
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  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell me about your project
  3. Tell me about your family
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  1. salary only discussed
asked in Computer Sciences Corporation
  1. How many interviews you gave in the day
  2. Tell me about yourself question
asked in Booz & Company
  1. In a bag you have 20 black balls and 16 red balls.When you take out 2 black balls you take another white ball.If you take 2 white balls then you take out 1 black ball and if balls are of different color you take out another black ball.If you continue doing this what is the last ball that will be left
  2. There are five glasses that are kept upside down.At a time you are bound to turn four glasses.Give minimum number of times in which you can turn back all the glasses so that now none among them are upside down
  3. Why Oracle?If you could not qualify for other companies or Why you did not choose other companies?
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  1. Case statement: If you have to merge two companies what will you look at?( Case Type: M&A)
  2. Tell me about yourself
  3. Why consulting?
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  1. Biscuit manufacturer- higher costs vs. competition(Case Type: Profitability/ Costs)
  2. Tell me about yourself
  3. Mines- costs case(Case Type: Profitability/ Costs)
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  1. Improving performance of two retail stores
  2. There are two companies one with 50% equity and other with 60% equity and rest debt. Everything else being same, what would be the difference in cost of capital of the companies
asked in Booz & Company
  1. Case Study Type: Data Interpretation
  2. PI Questions: Why were you promoted twice before the actual tenure? Can you give some specific reasons?
  3. Why did you quit TCS? Would you join TCS back if you were made an offer? Why/Why Not?
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