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Financial Analyst Interview Questions

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  1. It depends upon your qualification
asked in S&P Global
  1. What are the recent topics in Finance that you have read about?
  2. Explain Capital account convertibility and impact of its degree on Indian Economy?
asked in TresVista
  1. What is the market for roadway and highway sector in india
  2. Excel formula questions
asked in Unisys
  1. About finance and banking
asked in ernst & young
  1. Additional technical round may happen to test technical skills
asked in S&P Global
  1. tell us about yourself
  2. why should we hire you
  3. why genpact
Read more (3 Questions)asked in Genpact
  1. Comparable companys analysis ? Beta ? P/E.
asked in Wipro
  1. Finance related questions.. CA related questions.
  2. Strength and weakness
  3. Where do u see urself in 5 years
asked in Barclays Shared Services
  1. Related to flexibility and salary negotiation.
asked in S&P Global
  1. How much is your expected salary
asked in XL Dynamics
  1. tell me about yourself
  2. what do you know about karvy
asked in Karvy Stock Broking
  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Tell us about your interests and hobbies.
asked in TresVista
  1. 25 horses puzzle
asked in Goldman Sachs
  1. Puzzles- A deck of cards (52 cards) with 4 aces. How many cards do you need to flip on an average to get the first ace?
asked in American Express

  1. A case study related to US mortgage was given and related articles questions were there to be answered.
asked in XL Dynamics

  1. About Internship
  2. Campus placement
asked in Wipro

  1. How many balls can i fit in a boeing 737
  2. Number of tubelights present in their office
asked in Unisys

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