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  1. Basic electronics related questions.
  2. Questions from your choice of subject
  3. Coding ( Embedded C, c++, Data Structures, Linux)
asked in Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India
  1. What do you know about jQuery.
  2. What are classes. Explain them and give a real world example.
asked in Mitr Learning Media
  1. Write a program to find if a number is prime or not.
  2. Write a program to find the largest of 3 numbers.
asked in Dimension Data
  1. Tell me your favourite subject?
  2. How many subjects studied in engineering course ?tell me about it?
  3. What are the types of pump?
Read more (2 Questions)asked in Unilever
  1. Things I expect from the company
  2. Location choice
  3. Further plans
asked in Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India
  1. About my Hons
asked in Vedanta Resources
  1. Why you like to join Gati
asked in Gati kwe
  1. Interview based onPersonal information and general information
  2. Introduce yourself?
  3. Why we hire you?
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  1. There is a five floored building with one exit at the bottom and one at the top. It takes 1 minute to from one floor to another. There are n people in the building. There is a fire and no one can see anything but they start running for the exits. They can change directions if they see somebody coming from the opposite direction. Whats the maximum time to evacuate them all
asked in Essex Lake Group

  1. How do you make 720 with 6 zeroes using mathematical operators?
  2. Flipkart charges a shipping charge if the order amount is less than Rs. 500. How do you avoid it if you have an item which is less than 500 yet you do not want to pay for shipping?
  3. Given the probability distribution of the sales in various areas, how do you make sure that you group items ordered at different points of time so that it reaches the customers within the shortest possible time?
asked in Flipkart
  1. If you were to launch a new product (clothes in my case), what are the factors you’ll consider and what strategy you’ll follow?
asked in Flipkart
  1. What would you suggest Kishore Biyani against us (Flipkart) to stay in competition?
asked in Flipkart
  1. Take me through your resume
  2. What is that one POR you enjoyed the most?
asked in Flipkart
  1. Market size of electronics sold through all e-commerce websites together?
  2. There will be CV questions as well in this round
asked in Flipkart
  1. Demand of TVs next year? Specify one 'good' and one 'bad' approach
asked in Flipkart
  1. Practical, real life execution question
asked in Flipkart

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