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  1. On what technology you have worked?
  2. Case studies of daily operational activities?
  3. What is project management?
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  1. In the Technical Interview, the Interviewer asked me about my projects in Power Electronics and my experience in the previous organization. Questions related to Power Electronics basics and PCB Design along with steps taken in to consideration while selecting the components and design of High Power Circuits. Before going for the interview just go through the company's website and products too.
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  1. Draw a Single Line Diagram of 33/11kV substation?
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  1. Ocampo, basic electronics and C
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  1. About yourself
  2. Will you work at any location
  3. Why you think you can work in any adverse situation
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  1. In technical round they asked about the quality inspection process and technical specifications of the raw materials, machinery specifications and Solar panels.
  2. In the HR round they asked about Quality Management Concepts and proficiency level of SAP and Microsoft Office.
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  1. Question about and finance, payment terms , bank guarantee
asked in Engineers India Ltd

  1. Introduce yourself?
  2. What are the experiences of your previous companies?
  3. Why do you want to join this company?
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  1. In this round, I was asked to tell me about myself, family, experience in previous organization, job role and why work with us and expectations from the company. Also the HR will briefly tell you about the company's mission and will make you more comfortable in opening up. All the very best. This will go smooth.
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  1. Nil
asked in Onward Technologies Inc
  1. Description about me
  2. Weakness in professional life
asked in Honeywell
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