Senior Product Compliance Associate

Senior Product Compliance Associate Interview Questions

Updated 7 Jul 2024

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Interview Questions

  • Q1. What problem you solved in your previous role

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  • Q2. how can you add value to work

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  • Q3. 3.How you will differentiate between two similar products?

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  • Q4. How to differentiate between toy gun & real gun.

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  • Q5. HR asked frw basic questions

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  • Q6. 1 on 1 call with compliance manager, questions were scenario based, compliance knowledge (just go through normal operations framework of any org viz. Validations of cases, features of Amazon product page, Quality audits, SOP revision etc). Be prepared to answer scenario based questions. Answer in STAR pattern & keep Amazon Leadership principle's in mind all the time.

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  • Q7. Hr basic star approch questions

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  • Q8. They do ask logical reasoning question in the interview too.

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  • Q9. Some basic question to test ur confidence while talking to someone and might be salary discussion

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  • Q10. Compliance and operations related questions,

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Interview Questions