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  1. Given a 10 digit number, sort the individual digits of the number.
  2. Write code for LCA in Binary Search Tree.
  3. Discuss a DBMS consisting of college faculty, professors, courses and students.
asked in SAP
  1. Basic questions on oops and java
asked in NovoInvent Software Pvt Ltd
  1. Code to print * in five consecutive lines
  2. A ball is left from a height of 10 meters. After bouncing first time it looses 10% of its previous height the next time it bounces. Write a code to calculate the number of bounces the ball goes through until it comes to rest.
  3. Which is the best and less time consuming way to calculate factorial of a number?
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  1. Implement Merge Sort.
  2. Given a BST containing distinct integers, and a number ‘X’, find all pairs of integers in the BST whose sum is equal to ‘X’.
  3. Given a set of time intervals in any order, merge all overlapping intervals into one and output the result which should have only mutually exclusive intervals.
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  1. About my nature and all general questions, for which you can't prepare.
asked in Kanaka Software
  1. Which computer languages are you comfortable with?
  2. Why do you want to join this organization?
asked in Zensar Technologies
  1. Questions from the resume submitted
  2. Write a java program to find the palindrome
  3. HR questions were at the end
asked in Infosys
  1. What is the advantage of generic collection, when and why we should approach for that?
asked in Capgemini
  1. What extra curricular activities did you do in college?
  2. Do you seek for help if stuck in a problem?
  3. What do you understand by teamwork?
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  1. They asked for my introduction.
  2. They asked about my family members.
asked in PTC Software
  1. Tell me something about yourself
asked in Wipro
  1. Nothing about your personal life and interest
asked in Power2sme
  1. find ave salary without disclosing any one salary
  2. one golden bricks n divide it to min number of part so that u can pay each day salary to a worker
  3. one goat and 100 lion puzzles
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  1. Solve 12 Mainframe Puzzles
asked in Centurylink Technology Solutions
  1. 8 metals bolls are similar ?
asked in Sapient Corporation
  1. There is a clock at the bottom of the hill and a clock at the top of the hill. The clock at the bottom of the hill works fine but the clock at the top doesn’t. How will you synchronize the two clocks. Obviously, you can’t carry either of the clocks up or down the hill! And you have a horse to help you transport yourself. And, the time required for going up the hill is not equal to the time required to go down the hill
  2. There was one more puzzle.. I don’t remember it. but I do remember that we started discussing ways of generating large prime numbers
  3. We also talked a bit about my phone browser project
asked in Adobe
  1. Discuss on the case of manesar maruti plant.
asked in Zensar Technologies
  1. A shot fired from a gun pointing towards a tree full of birds. All birds left except one. Why ?
asked in Barclays
  1. A role play scenario was given. With a clear instruction on I don’t need to know the basis and the hypothetical assumption was presented. I was told that I was expected to respond to the given scenario, in whatever way I thought was the best and give the reasons for my decision
asked in JP Morgan Chase

  1. Why do you want to join MA?
  2. What do you hope to gain from this internship?
asked in Manhattan Associates
  1. You are the owner of a petrol pump. Formulate a profitable strategy
asked in ION Trading
  1. Interview with the Director
asked in DE Shaw
  1. Explain projects which you made in college?
asked in Barclays
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