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BYJU'S Salaries in India

based on 60.3k latest salaries
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Sales & Business Development Customer Success, Service & Operations Marketing & Communication Engineering - Software & QA + 6 more
Designation Avg Annual Salary

Business Development Associate

0 - 10 years exp. (12.3k salaries)
6.8 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr)

Business Development Manager

0 - 8 years exp. (4k salaries)
10.5 Lakhs

(₹6 L/yr - ₹17 L/yr)

Business Development Executive

0 - 8 years exp. (3.5k salaries)
4.7 Lakhs

(₹0.7 L/yr - ₹8.8 L/yr)

Senior Business Development Associate

0 - 9 years exp. (3.1k salaries)
7.6 Lakhs

(₹4 L/yr - ₹13.5 L/yr)

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0 - 7 years exp. (2.5k salaries)
6.2 Lakhs

(₹2.7 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr)

Team Lead

0 - 8 years exp. (1k salaries)
7.9 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹13.5 L/yr)

Operations Associate

0 - 4 years exp. (880 salaries)
4.2 Lakhs

(₹1.2 L/yr - ₹9 L/yr)

PRE Sales Associate

0 - 6 years exp. (858 salaries)
4.4 Lakhs

(₹1 L/yr - ₹6 L/yr)

Academic Specialist

0 - 10 years exp. (649 salaries)
5.1 Lakhs

(₹1 L/yr - ₹8 L/yr)

Area Business Head

3 - 15 years exp. (521 salaries)
16.3 Lakhs

(₹8 L/yr - ₹26 L/yr)

Senior Associate

1 - 7 years exp. (519 salaries)
6.6 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr)

Marketing Manager

1 - 11 years exp. (504 salaries)
9.8 Lakhs

(₹4.2 L/yr - ₹16 L/yr)

Business Development Trainee

0 - 7 years exp. (497 salaries)
4.7 Lakhs

(₹1 L/yr - ₹8 L/yr)

Senior Business Development Executive

1 - 6 years exp. (479 salaries)
7.8 Lakhs

(₹3.5 L/yr - ₹13.5 L/yr)

Recruitment Associate

0 - 4 years exp. (451 salaries)
4.8 Lakhs

(₹1.8 L/yr - ₹7.6 L/yr)

Product Specialist

1 - 5 years exp. (415 salaries)
5.4 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹7.2 L/yr)

Product Expert

1 - 5 years exp. (365 salaries)
5.5 Lakhs

(₹3.6 L/yr - ₹7.6 L/yr)

Software Engineer

0 - 3 years exp. (307 salaries)
12.2 Lakhs

(₹5 L/yr - ₹21.2 L/yr)

Asst.Marketing Manager

0 - 8 years exp. (302 salaries)
10.7 Lakhs

(₹7 L/yr - ₹14 L/yr)

Inside Sales Associate

0 - 5 years exp. (297 salaries)
5.1 Lakhs

(₹3.5 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr)

Last Updated: 18 Jun, 2024

Salary related reviews for BYJU'S

3.5 Rated by 15.3k employees for salary and benefits

Recruitment Associate in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Full Time


Human Resources Department

posted on 02 Jun 2024

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


Byju's is a great company for freshers to kickstart their careers with attractive salary packages and ample opportunities for growth.

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I've found that Byju's has a very challenging work culture, with high pressure and demanding expectations. However, if you can learn to manage your tasks efficiently and develop a good workflow, it becomes easier to handle the daily workload and navigate the environment.

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Senior Executive in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Full Time


Sales & Business Development Department

posted on 14 May 2024

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


They will make you work and when they are done with you they will give a lame excuse and fire you


Work nature , senior attitude, only sale sale sale , no worth of an employee, salary wont be payed as promised , ppf not deposited in account at time , FNF not payed at all , and will show they are in loss and will charge you for the loss . No respect for their employees.

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Area Business Head in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Full Time


Sales & Business Development Department

posted on 17 Apr 2024

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


One of the worst company in universe,, Don't pay salary at all, Even God don't know when they will ask you to resign even achieving 100% of target also

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Even God don't know when they will ask you to leave, HR erica is HR she is the keep of AVP,, and they neveu pay salarys

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Business Development Manager in Patna (working remotely)

Full Time


Sales & Business Development Department

posted on 16 Apr 2024

4.0 for Salary and Benefits


salary was good as per industry. growth was fast as per other industry.


office politics was much higher, people promotes there undeserving candidates on the basis of how much bond they have with employee. work culture issue and office timing.

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Academic Specialist in New Delhi (working remotely)

Full Time


Teaching & Training Department

posted on 10 Apr 2024

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


Yet to come


...aid throughout as per 4 LPA. remaining 2 LPA remained unanswered for few months. after continuous enquiry, they played smartly by saying that 2 LPA is variable pay which totally depends on performance and parameter was pathetic (illogical) so that no one can achieve. they said that no one can get 5/5 as best part yet to come. so most of better performance fall under rating of 3-4 as 5 never considered. pure cheating. 2. they removed all perks and incentives as per their new innovative revolutionary policy modification. that means only salary, no more variable pay. obviously that 2 LPA gone permanently as per their new policy. Again fraudulent activity. 3. later they removed HRA, WFH, internet allowances. it means we are spending our electricity for no return. again violation of our basic salary rights. 4. as per their policy, after completion of 1 year, we were entitled for retention bonus of 75k. as we came closer to completion of 1 year, they amended the policy that bonus will be performance based. Simultaneously, they started firing those who were entitled for bonus and few days left to complete their tenure of 1 year. this saved their bonus. very pathetic strategy. afterwards, they became very stubborn by not providing any bonus to those who somehow managed to complete their 1 year term. personally I waited for next 9 months post 1 year term but didn't get. those from management team who promised the bonus, got terminated e.g. my senior manager. 4. appraisal was put on hold as a result, we remained on same salary structure throughout my term with byjus. same happened to everyone. 5. as per general policy, if company terminates any employee, they are bound to pay 2-3 months advance salaries. but here they terminated us without the current salary then advanced salary isvery far fetched thing. even after 5 months of leaving company, no one is bothering to pay my November's salary. 6. that was not the end, even they tricked us in FnF too. they generated FnF as negative for most of employees mentioning craps i.e. headset or other assets were worn out or not new (what they thought after using assets for more than a year, still assets would remain brand new). some got FnF as (-35000, -18000 etc). they were surprised by company's absurd style of treating. 7. Another point woth FnF. in general FnF happens within next 45 days. Also for some companies, they are offering in 3 days too as per revised policies. But in this company, it says 90 days would be for FnF. worst to this, even after 90 days, no result. in my case, they said that if i submit all assets on time then they will release my salary. I did by 8th of November 2023. still, they put my salary on hold and said it will come along my FnF (i.e. post 90 days). sadly, i waited for term to end, othing happend. I raised concern to them and they raised ticket for same. till date no one responded or contacted me for any updates. however, I have replied on provided ticket number regarding updates on my ticket. still unanswered till date. 8. Another trick, they suggested to move us (online tutors) to offline mode. but their intentions were not keeping us in company anymore to save their reimbursement of salaries. so, they offered unwanted locations to join. e.g. if a tutor is from Bihar, he/she was offered location in MP but not Bihar. At same time another tutor from MP was offered Bihar or other location except their hometown. their excuse were that no vacancy to respective place. Howcome is this possible? this shows that mistakenly we considered them from company men. Actually they are conmen. 9. during my PTMs, several parents were furious with byjus fake promises. one of parent (very poor) said that byjus kept calling (almost harassing) to take their package. finally they agreed for around 2k package. but salesmen manipulated and forcefully made them yto choose package of 10k. they took loan from bank for same. Also these counselors promised that student will get tablet, books and many more things. but once payment made, they swiched off their phones or replied rudely to not call back as their deal is over. Most of parents said Byjus a big thief who creates unnecesary fear for childs poor future and pretending them to be saviour forcing to pay higher bids for their packages. 10. its my personal experience. At that time, I was online maths tutor in Byjus. there is a place nearby my house i.e. G3S in rohini sec-11. its a rcreational hub so many people visit their for food stalls, movies, shopping etc. there is a byjus centre too and few sales agent roam there for their customers. thosewho visit their with kids. they talk to them and almost force them to take test at their centre to check calibre of kids. most of parents were pissed of by their behaviour. i was there with my neighbors kids for dining purpose. they came to me and asked to take test. I clearly informed that they were not my kids so i cant take such decisions. let the parent be the decision maker. still they followed us to our diner zone and kept forcing to take test for the sake of betterment of kids future. that is not all. one day i was there with my son, and as usual they approached us and asking to take test. I clearly mentioned that I am math tutor in byjus and i take care of my kids study. still illogically they said that in centre the kids future will be much secured. what an IQ level of sales representatives, they suggesting to hand over my kid to byjus tutor from me (who is also a byjus tutor along with a father). there are many such malpractices happening and list can be endless. so, ending this saga here itself as it will be enough to describe a cheater's company.

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BYJU'S Salary FAQs

How much does BYJU'S pay per year?
The average BYJU'S salary ranges from approximately ₹0.1 Lakhs per year for a Editorial Intern to ₹119.0 Lakhs per year for a Vice President Engineering. Salary estimates are based on 60.3k BYJU'S salaries received from various employees of BYJU'S. BYJU'S employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 3.5/5 stars.
What is the highest salary in BYJU'S?
The highest-paying job at BYJU'S is a Vice President Engineering with a salary of ₹119.0 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹13.50 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹40.14 lakhs per year.
What is the minimum salary in BYJU'S?
Minimum salary at BYJU'S depends on the role you are applying for. For Operations Associate the minimum salary is ₹4.2 Lakhs per year, for PRE Sales Associate the minimum salary is ₹4.4 Lakhs per year and so on.
What is the salary package for freshers in BYJU'S?
The average salary at BYJU'S for freshers varies from ₹2.1 Lakhs per year for Internship Trainee to ₹21.2 Lakhs per year for Mts1.
What is the notice period at BYJU'S?
According to AmbitionBox, 69% of the BYJU'S employees reported a notice period of 15 days or less, 26% reported a notice period of 1 Month and the remaining reported other notice period durations. This is based on 49.1k responses on AmbitionBox in last 2 years.

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Average annual salary in BYJU'S is INR 8.3 lakhs . Salary estimates are based on 60.3k BYJU'S latest salaries received from various employees of BYJU'S.