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ClassKlap Area Business Manager salaries in Chennai with 10 - 11 years exp.

Avg. annual salary (AmbitionBox Estimate)

This is an estimate of the average salary for this position. The actual salary may differ.

10.2 Lakhs
(₹9.9 L/yr - ₹10.5 L/yr)
Low Confidence
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Monthly in-hand salary

73,764 - ₹ 75,670 info icon

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

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ClassKlap Area Business Manager Salary

10 - 11 years exp. (AmbitionBox Estimate)

10.2 Lakhs

₹9.9 L/yr - ₹10.5 L/yr

Company name Avg Annual Salary Open Jobs
Oyo Rooms Area Business Manager Salary

1 - 12 years exp. (36 salaries)

7 Lakhs

₹4.2 L/yr - ₹9 L/yr

arrow icon 32% less
Cipla Area Business Manager Salary

5 - 15 years exp. (32 salaries)

8.2 Lakhs

₹5.6 L/yr - ₹10.7 L/yr

arrow icon 20% less
5 job openings
6.8 Lakhs

₹4.1 L/yr - ₹8.6 L/yr

arrow icon 34% less
Abbott Area Business Manager Salary

10 - 20 years exp. (18 salaries)

11.2 Lakhs

₹8.4 L/yr - ₹13.6 L/yr

arrow icon 9% more
10 job openings
HDFC Life Area Business Manager Salary

0 - 12 years exp. (13 salaries)

4.6 Lakhs

₹3.2 L/yr - ₹6 L/yr

arrow icon 55% less
1 job opening
Area Business Manager salary in ClassKlap ranges between ₹9.9 Lakhs to ₹10.5 Lakhs per year. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of ClassKlap .

Similar Designation salaries in ClassKlap

5.6 Lakhs
₹5.5 L/yr - ₹6.3 L/yr

Salary related reviews for ClassKlap

Sales Executive in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Head Office Department

posted on 16 Aug 2020

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


It ruined my 2 years, We were given assurance regarding salary hike and promotion but it never happened moreover Classklap layed off half of it employees on March 31st starting of the lockdown.

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No growth, Fake promises and commitments.

Senior Subject Matter Expert in Pune

Teaching & Training Department

posted on 10 Feb 2020

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


The people at classklap were very interesting and had very good profiles. There was technically a lot to learn from each other. I also liked the attitude in giving support to each other informally even if a person belonged to a different team.

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...individuals are blamed in turn.creating an atmosphere of fear and hiding errors. There is no opportunity for growth professionally and the pay is abysmal. I would not recommend this place.

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SME in Pune

Content, Editorial & Journalism Department

posted on 23 Aug 2020

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


Specifically within the content team, there have been productive interactions. People are nice to each other in those teams. Sharing of food during lunch hours, accommodating each other's views, providing ongoing support is present. Learnt a lot about publishing and online material. Only one person from the management new her job and did it well. She was based out of Bangalore. She headed the content team but unfortunately she left the company too.

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...ay if they have to fire someone, they'll do it one day before the month ends. They put close to 100 employees on leave without pay for a whole year with 2 days notice. HR manager is good for nothing. Takes multiple emails and many escalations to get her to even respond to an email. Misuse of funds received is a common game by the management and specially across sales and business team. New content head has no voice. Blindly supports all wrong doings and covers up too! Has no empathy for any of her team members unless she wants to get work out of them. All in all a very toxic work culture with very little growth and a lot of expectations and tons of false promises.

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Regional Business Manager in Hyderabad / Secunderabad

Sales & Business Development Department

posted on 02 Apr 2022

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


Company work culture is good, space for learning and they understand the school business pretty well and give employees time to prove themselves, they don't hire n fire

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Compensation is very low as per industry standards

Training Specialist in Navi Mumbai

Full Time


Teaching & Training Department

posted on 20 Apr 2021

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


Opportunities to learn on my own by making mistakes and at every step the set process helps to understand the kra very well. Good team of Training specialists lead by a passionate and empathetic leader.

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There is nothing as such which I deslike at classklap. Its a great place to work. Ofcourse more enthusiastic people can take it to next level.

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ClassKlap Area Business Manager salary in Chennai ranges between ₹9.9 Lakhs to ₹10.5 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on latest salaries received from employees of ClassKlap .