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Ecosmob Technologies Salaries in India

based on 383 latest salaries


Rated by 42 Employees for salary and benefits

Top Departments at Ecosmob Technologies
Engineering - Software & QA Engineering - Hardware & Networks Sales & Business Development Project & Program Management Marketing & Communication Content, Editorial & Journalism + 4 more
Designation Avg Annual Salary

Software Developer

2 - 6 years exp. (25 salaries)
6.2 Lakhs

(₹2 L/yr - ₹10.6 L/yr)

Software Engineer

0 - 4 years exp. (17 salaries)
4.8 Lakhs

(₹2 L/yr - ₹9.4 L/yr)

Team Lead

6 - 9 years exp. (11 salaries)
11.2 Lakhs

(₹7.2 L/yr - ₹13.2 L/yr)

Senior Software Engineer

3 - 6 years exp. (8 salaries)
9.3 Lakhs

(₹6 L/yr - ₹13 L/yr)

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QA Analyst

3 - 5 years exp. (7 salaries)
5.3 Lakhs

(₹5 L/yr - ₹6 L/yr)

Support Engineer

3 - 6 years exp. (7 salaries)
6.8 Lakhs

(₹5 L/yr - ₹7 L/yr)

Junior Software Developer

0 - 2 years exp. (7 salaries)
2.2 Lakhs

(₹2 L/yr - ₹2.5 L/yr)

Business Analyst

1 - 5 years exp. (7 salaries)
4.4 Lakhs

(₹2.9 L/yr - ₹6 L/yr)

Business Development Executive

2 - 4 years exp. (6 salaries)
4.4 Lakhs

(₹2.7 L/yr - ₹4.6 L/yr)

Devops Engineer

0 - 6 years exp. (6 salaries)
6.3 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹8 L/yr)

Senior Software Developer

3 - 7 years exp. (6 salaries)
6.8 Lakhs

(₹4.8 L/yr - ₹8 L/yr)

PHP Developer

2 - 4 years exp. (5 salaries)
5.5 Lakhs

(₹4 L/yr - ₹8 L/yr)

Senior Business Analyst

5 - 6 years exp. (5 salaries)
6.7 Lakhs

(₹5.9 L/yr - ₹11 L/yr)

Executive Research Development

0 - 1 year exp. (5 salaries)
3 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹3 L/yr)

QA Engineer

2 - 9 years exp. (4 salaries)
9.1 Lakhs

(₹2.3 L/yr - ₹15.8 L/yr)

React Native Developer

2 - 7 years exp. (4 salaries)
9.3 Lakhs

(₹4.5 L/yr - ₹12 L/yr)

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

3 - 7 years exp. (4 salaries)
7.2 Lakhs

(₹6.2 L/yr - ₹7.8 L/yr)

Senior Support Engineer

5 - 6 years exp. (4 salaries)
7 Lakhs

(₹6.5 L/yr - ₹11 L/yr)

Voip Engineer

4 - 5 years exp. (4 salaries)
8.5 Lakhs

(₹4.2 L/yr - ₹12 L/yr)

Test Engineer

2 - 4 years exp. (4 salaries)
3.6 Lakhs

(₹3.6 L/yr - ₹3.6 L/yr)

Last Updated: 18 May, 2024

Salary related reviews for Ecosmob Technologies

Technical Lead in Ahmedabad

Engineering - Software & QA Department

posted on 26 Nov 2019

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


soft skills training health insurance timely salary sports activity


Teammates are mostly good, except those who are there for more than four years and awarded with posts of project managers or team leaders because of company loyalty of staying there. no matters how they interact with other teammates or subordinates. Only the technical knowledge they have is how to scold. They are rude only rude. like frogs of a well. There are few good as well from that group. So that's nature always balances good and bad. Apart from it most of the teammates are good. Senior management is worst, 1. There is one senior project manager who only talks about communication and deadline he doesn't have any concern with delivering quality, client satisfaction. 2. There is one sales manager who knows everything, he will poke every department lead that he knows everything and bargain with them about estimated hours. He is like shaktiman, actually, google sourced from him. (that was sarcasm) 3. Two Main Directors are good persons, but they are clueless about what going under their nose. They are blinded with their loyal employees. they only see what they want to saw them. 4. There is one operational director which I don't think required for any purpose. 5. There are team leads who just try to be angry on other teammates and try to dominant them to prove they are working Senior management are so dumb that if you tell an estimate of 14 days they consider Saturday, Sunday. They don't have sense of business hours so disgusting. To consider all my arguments I have a strong reason there are very fewer employees who are there for more than one year. Mostly left within six months. They have a secret weapon of variable pay to which will strike at you when you leave the company. Senior management including directors is biased and blinded by a vision of favorite employees. Those favorite employees can play better politics than the Modi-Shah pair. Modi-Shah even can't win here.

HR Manager in Ahmedabad

Full Time


Human Resources Department

posted on 21 Dec 2023

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


Excellent experience throughout my journey. Well supportive team & learning oppprtunities. Also management is thinking about employees & their growth.


Not any as per my experience. They do take feedbacks from employees time to time & keep on taking right steps if there is any need.

Senior QA QC Engineer in Binori BSquare, Bopal Amli Road

Engineering - Software & QA Department

posted on 21 Oct 2022

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


Few very good people who would help overall and guide you along. Other good things: - No botheration about working timings. - HR Department and Management is friendly and approachable - WFH for Non-Local(Outside Gujarat) people


Middle Management suffocates the overall brand and policies Higher management wants to be implemented. Result is people who work hard are overburdened and lazybones enjoy.

Recruitment & Sourcing Specialist in Ahmedabad

Research & Development Department

posted on 20 Apr 2022

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


I have joined company recently and I'm getting positive vibes, All the employees are positive and the managerial employees are very talented and welcoming. Management is damn good, and policies are also good, Some of the policies are introduced as the company is is growing.


I do not dislike anything till now.

Business Development Executive in Iskon To Bopal Ambli Road

Sales Department

posted on 05 Nov 2022

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


Only hybrid work and location


Your efforts will not be recognised so far. Sales team is very bad. Not providing any training and support only there to squeeze you and throw away. HRs are just showing supportive nature from outside but not really good when you need actual support. Space problem is there. You have to seat as they say only. (Like a school). Biased nature. Nepotism is at it's peak. I don't know why senior persona are not taking genuine feedback from everyone to know the ground reality.

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Ecosmob Technologies Salary FAQs

How much does Ecosmob Technologies pay per year?
The average Ecosmob Technologies salary ranges from approximately ₹2.2 Lakhs per year for a Junior Software Developer to ₹11.2 Lakhs per year for a Team Lead. Salary estimates are based on 383 Ecosmob Technologies salaries received from various employees of Ecosmob Technologies. Ecosmob Technologies employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 3.2/5 stars.
What is the highest salary in Ecosmob Technologies?
The highest-paying job at Ecosmob Technologies is a Team Lead with a salary of ₹11.2 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹14 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹24 lakhs per year.
What is the minimum salary in Ecosmob Technologies?
Minimum salary at Ecosmob Technologies depends on the role you are applying for. For Junior Software Developer the minimum salary is ₹2.2 Lakhs per year, for Business Analyst the minimum salary is ₹4.4 Lakhs per year and so on.

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Average annual salary in Ecosmob Technologies is INR 7.5 lakhs . Salary estimates are based on 383 Ecosmob Technologies latest salaries received from various employees of Ecosmob Technologies.