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MagicBricks Salaries in India

based on 3.9k latest salaries
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Sales & Business Development Customer Success, Service & Operations Marketing & Communication Engineering - Software & QA + 6 more
Designation Avg Annual Salary Open Jobs

Accounts Manager

1 - 9 years exp. (269 salaries)
6.3 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr)

Relationship Manager

0 - 6 years exp. (237 salaries)
3 Lakhs

(₹1.2 L/yr - ₹4.5 L/yr)

2 job openings

Area Sales Manager

6 - 13 years exp. (145 salaries)
11.4 Lakhs

(₹4.8 L/yr - ₹19 L/yr)

Team Lead

3 - 10 years exp. (92 salaries)
6 Lakhs

(₹2.8 L/yr - ₹10.4 L/yr)

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Sales Executive

0 - 4 years exp. (87 salaries)
3.1 Lakhs

(₹2 L/yr - ₹4.5 L/yr)

Sales Account Manager

0 - 7 years exp. (76 salaries)
5.2 Lakhs

(₹2.7 L/yr - ₹8.5 L/yr)

Product Manager

0 - 6 years exp. (63 salaries)
25.5 Lakhs

(₹17 L/yr - ₹33 L/yr)

Key Account Manager

5 - 8 years exp. (61 salaries)
6.9 Lakhs

(₹3.5 L/yr - ₹10.5 L/yr)

Software Engineer

0 - 3 years exp. (59 salaries)
12.5 Lakhs

(₹5.5 L/yr - ₹21.5 L/yr)

Senior Software Engineer

2 - 9 years exp. (53 salaries)
16.6 Lakhs

(₹8.5 L/yr - ₹26.1 L/yr)

Strategic Account Manager

3 - 10 years exp. (47 salaries)
11.2 Lakhs

(₹7 L/yr - ₹15.7 L/yr)

Sales Manager

2 - 10 years exp. (46 salaries)
6.1 Lakhs

(₹4 L/yr - ₹11.1 L/yr)

Customer Relationship Manager

0 - 5 years exp. (46 salaries)
2.8 Lakhs

(₹1.8 L/yr - ₹3.6 L/yr)

Zonal Manager

9 - 16 years exp. (45 salaries)
18.7 Lakhs

(₹13 L/yr - ₹22.5 L/yr)

1 job opening

Sales Consultant

5 - 11 years exp. (45 salaries)
5.9 Lakhs

(₹4.4 L/yr - ₹8.6 L/yr)

Senior Product Manager

5 - 12 years exp. (43 salaries)
41.1 Lakhs

(₹30 L/yr - ₹50 L/yr)

2 job openings

Quality Analyst

1 - 8 years exp. (38 salaries)
3.4 Lakhs

(₹2.1 L/yr - ₹4.5 L/yr)

Research Analyst

0 - 5 years exp. (38 salaries)
3 Lakhs

(₹2 L/yr - ₹4.2 L/yr)

Business Development Manager

0 - 8 years exp. (31 salaries)
4.8 Lakhs

(₹2.8 L/yr - ₹9 L/yr)

Senior Accounts Manager

3 - 9 years exp. (29 salaries)
6.7 Lakhs

(₹5.3 L/yr - ₹9 L/yr)

1 job opening

Last Updated: 22 Jul, 2024

Salary related reviews for MagicBricks

3.1 Rated by 565 employees for salary and benefits

Software Engineer in Noida

Full Time


Engineering - Software & QA Department

posted on 16 Jun 2024

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


Good Learning curve for 1-2 years only


Worst management Uneven Salary Politics by seniors and they took credit for others work. Sales oriented company not technology oriented. Managers of technology are not from technical background.

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Software Engineer in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Full Time


Research & Development Department

posted on 21 Dec 2023

4.0 for Salary and Benefits


As a freshers, we have to work a lot, so get to learn many technologies. People are approachable.


...on in the company even knows the mistake made by smallest person in the company. Leave is never approved, People are going to festivals by taking Loss Without Pay. If performance is not gud then freshers of even 5 monthexperience are also terminated. so, job security is also zero. Casual leave also, they don't approve. When they are not willing to approve leave, why is leave policy even exist? Is that for nameshake?

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Executive in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Full Time


Other Department

posted on 29 Jul 2023

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


Somewhat getting paid on time.


Management . Salary hikes are beyond the dream 😂LoL. When the government kicking up the prices for everything. This company management doesn't even have the basic sense to hike their employees salary. Society call them business man 🤣 LoL. Mid senior manager doesn't have common sense why they are getting paid more than executives? There imagine is like we are getting paid only to question and pressure the people who are working under me. There's no business contribution from Few unfit manager. They are unfit for the position hence revenue won't step up, i wonder one thing if only executive wants to bring business why can't they be entrepreneur? They get payout more than their salary. If they offer the files directly to bank. How these managers are justified with this paycheck?

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MIS Analyst in Noida

Full Time


Other Department

posted on 09 Jun 2023

4.0 for Salary and Benefits


It is better place to start your carrier and getting better package as a fresher.

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There is no learning in this company and the support behaviour is not good. They doesn't coperate with you. As an MIS Analyst I'm saying that your work is totally or mostly based on formula and functions. But they assign you manual tasks which you can't automate. And exploits you by assigning you the works which is not related to your field though.

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Senior Sales Manager in Hyderabad / Secunderabad

Full Time


Marketing & Communication Department

posted on 02 Jul 2023

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


No likes for me at all everything is politics


No salary hikes at all.Name sake only it’s corporate company but they don’t treat us like corporate employees.No job security at all and no support from management and always they tell will keep you PIP and without informing you they will remove you from the company.

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MagicBricks Salary FAQs

How much does MagicBricks pay per year?
The average MagicBricks salary ranges from approximately ₹1.9 Lakhs per year for a Help Desk Executive to ₹91.9 Lakhs per year for a Head of Product. Salary estimates are based on 3.9k MagicBricks salaries received from various employees of MagicBricks. MagicBricks employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 3.1/5 stars.
What is the highest salary in MagicBricks?
The highest-paying job at MagicBricks is a Head of Product with a salary of ₹91.9 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹22.01 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹58 lakhs per year.
What is the minimum salary in MagicBricks?
Minimum salary at MagicBricks depends on the role you are applying for. For Relationship Manager the minimum salary is ₹3.0 Lakhs per year, for Sales Executive the minimum salary is ₹3.1 Lakhs per year and so on.
What is the salary package for freshers in MagicBricks?
The average salary at MagicBricks for freshers varies from ₹2.5 Lakhs per year for Field Sales Executive to ₹11.9 Lakhs per year for Software Engineer.
What is the notice period at MagicBricks?
According to AmbitionBox, 42% of the MagicBricks employees reported a notice period of 15 days or less, 41% reported a notice period of 1 Month and the remaining reported other notice period durations. This is based on 2.2k responses on AmbitionBox in last 2 years.

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Average annual salary in MagicBricks is INR 10.3 lakhs . Salary estimates are based on 3.9k MagicBricks latest salaries received from various employees of MagicBricks.