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NDTV Finance Manager salaries in India with 8 - 10 years exp.

Avg. annual salary (AmbitionBox Estimate)

This is an estimate of the average salary for this position. The actual salary may differ.

11.6 Lakhs
(₹10.6 L/yr - ₹12.5 L/yr)
Low Confidence
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Low confidence means that this average salary is based on data that was reported by very few people.

Monthly in-hand salary

82,374 - ₹ 84,524 info icon

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2023

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Companies similar to NDTV for Finance Manager

Company name Avg Annual Salary Open Jobs
18.2 Lakhs

₹8.8 L/yr - ₹26 L/yr

arrow icon 58% more
Sun TV Network Finance Manager Salary

3 - 17 years exp. (5 salaries)

7.6 Lakhs

₹6 L/yr - ₹9 L/yr

arrow icon 34% less
Network 18 Finance Manager Salary

12 - 16 years exp. (3 salaries)

14.5 Lakhs

₹13 L/yr - ₹16 L/yr

arrow icon 26% more
Times Group Finance Manager Salary

5 - 14 years exp. (20 salaries)

16.8 Lakhs

₹9 L/yr - ₹23 L/yr

arrow icon 45% more
Hindustan Times Finance Manager Salary

7 - 14 years exp. (3 salaries)

9.8 Lakhs

₹6 L/yr - ₹12.5 L/yr

arrow icon 15% less
ABP Group Finance Manager Salary

7 - 10 years exp. (4 salaries)

16.9 Lakhs

₹16.5 L/yr - ₹18 L/yr

arrow icon 46% more
ABC Finance Manager Salary

5 - 12 years exp. (14 salaries)

12.8 Lakhs

₹5.1 L/yr - ₹20.7 L/yr

arrow icon 11% more
14.6 Lakhs

₹11.3 L/yr - ₹16.6 L/yr

arrow icon 26% more
Tata Play Finance Manager Salary

2 - 6 years exp. (7 salaries)

22.4 Lakhs

₹14 L/yr - ₹26 L/yr

arrow icon 94% more
Sahara India Pariwar Finance Manager Salary

15 - 27 years exp. (5 salaries)

4.3 Lakhs

₹3 L/yr - ₹5 L/yr

arrow icon 62% less
STAR Finance Manager Salary

8 - 12 years exp. (5 salaries)

30.8 Lakhs

₹24.1 L/yr - ₹50 L/yr

arrow icon 166% more
DEN Networks Finance Manager Salary

6 - 9 years exp. (4 salaries)

12 Lakhs

₹7.3 L/yr - ₹18 L/yr

arrow icon 4% more
DISH TV Finance Manager Salary

9 - 11 years exp. (3 salaries)

21 Lakhs

₹20.5 L/yr - ₹22 L/yr

arrow icon 82% more
Finance Manager salary in NDTV ranges between ₹10.6 Lakhs to ₹12.5 Lakhs per year. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of NDTV.

Similar Designation salaries in NDTV

Sales Manager Salary
(AmbitionBox Estimate)
9.8 Lakhs
₹8.6 L/yr - ₹10.9 L/yr
Deputy Manager Salary
(7 salaries)
15.4 Lakhs
₹11.6 L/yr - ₹18 L/yr
Financial Controller Salary
(AmbitionBox Estimate)
52.5 Lakhs
₹48.4 L/yr - ₹53.6 L/yr
Team Lead Salary
(4 salaries)
11.1 Lakhs
₹4.4 L/yr - ₹18.65 L/yr
Sales Executive Salary
(AmbitionBox Estimate)
1.0 Lakhs
₹0.9 L/yr - ₹1.2 L/yr

Salary related reviews for NDTV

5.0 Rated by 1 employees for salary and benefits

Content Executive in Okhla

Content, Editorial & Journalism Department

posted on 18 Jan 2022

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


Except office space nothing is worth mentioning


The person sitting next to you doing the exact same work will be getting more salary than you. Better quote a hire price for your self at time of interview

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Chief Sub Editor in New Delhi

Content, Editorial & Journalism Department

posted on 16 May 2021

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


Job security one of the best in the market. Work culture is good, management is useless. They'll do nothing about any of your queries. It is very hectic forget about work life balance, you wouldn't even get an appreciation from your boss for a job well done but will see 50 mails for even a typo.

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...bs even after you've proved that u are well capable of handling important stuff. They won't pay you no matter how good u are. But they will hire others, with less experience than you, who are not even good enough and pay them double your salary. The people are mostly nice and the workplace politics quite low. But don't stick around here after a couple of years, you will not be appreciated unless u get experience from other places. Then they'll hire you back with a lot of money but will refuse to pay someone who has probably given quite a few years to the company right from the beginning.

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Production Assistant in New Delhi

Programming Department

posted on 30 Sep 2019

3.0 for Salary and Benefits


The working culture is healthy and appreciative, provided you work hard and care about making an impact.


The compensation could be better, but that depends on your level of experience. There is a lot of growth for freshers specifically in the organisation.

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Junior Assistant Producer in New Delhi

Media Production & Entertainment Department

posted on 28 Mar 2018

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


Working with NDTV was like dream come true back then for me. I got a lot of opportunities to learn from the best people in the business & I got to work on different platforms advice well. People are very good & friendly. All I can say is that it’s a cultural & professional shock for any ex-NDTV to work anywhere else.

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Not everything is however fine at NDTV, like there is no salary growth & some of the bosses are not that great they are very unlike NDTV. Also, there isn’t any kind of perk or career growth at least for now. But even if it changed it won’t be a very dramatic change, it will be more or less the same. So I think NDTV is best to go for freshers where they can learn a lot & also quality knowledge. Unlike other channels who don’t know what they are doing really.

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Sub Editor in New Delhi

Content, Editorial & Journalism Department

posted on 24 Nov 2021

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


Big Brand.


Extremely harsh behaviour by seniors, no work-life balance, utter disregard for mental health. Supreme pressure. Unrealistic work standards expected considering lack of effective training provided.

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NDTV Finance Manager salary in India ranges between ₹10.6 Lakhs to ₹12.5 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on latest salaries received from employees of NDTV.