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Risland India Team Manager salaries in India

Avg. annual salary (AmbitionBox Estimate)

This is an estimate of the average salary for this position. The actual salary may differ.

9.3 Lakhs
(₹8.1 L/yr - ₹10.4 L/yr)
Low Confidence
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Low confidence means that this average salary is based on data that was reported by very few people.

Monthly in-hand salary

67,375 - ₹ 69,100 info icon

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Last Updated: 25 Feb 2023

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Companies similar to Risland India for Team Manager

Company name Avg Annual Salary Open Jobs
DLF Team Manager Salary

1 - 17 years exp. (5 salaries)

22 Lakhs

₹11.8 L/yr - ₹33.4 L/yr

arrow icon 138% more
Godrej Properties Team Manager Salary

6 - 15 years exp. (6 salaries)

22 Lakhs

₹15 L/yr - ₹35 L/yr

arrow icon 138% more
Sobha Team Manager Salary

4 - 19 years exp. (6 salaries)

8.1 Lakhs

₹7 L/yr - ₹11 L/yr

arrow icon 13% less
14.2 Lakhs

₹12 L/yr - ₹16 L/yr

arrow icon 53% more
Brigade Group Team Manager Salary

9 - 15 years exp. (4 salaries)

14.8 Lakhs

₹11 L/yr - ₹22 L/yr

arrow icon 60% more
Lodha group Team Manager Salary

3 - 17 years exp. (12 salaries)

17.7 Lakhs

₹10.5 L/yr - ₹25 L/yr

arrow icon 91% more
CBRE Team Manager Salary

2 - 14 years exp. (13 salaries)

11.9 Lakhs

₹7.3 L/yr - ₹18 L/yr

arrow icon 29% more
JLL Team Manager Salary

4 - 10 years exp. (12 salaries)

12.2 Lakhs

₹7.8 L/yr - ₹21.7 L/yr

arrow icon 32% more
Cushman & Wakefield Team Manager Salary

4 - 11 years exp. (5 salaries)

12.5 Lakhs

₹10.8 L/yr - ₹14 L/yr

arrow icon 35% more
Casagrand Team Manager Salary

4 - 8 years exp. (4 salaries)

4.8 Lakhs

₹4 L/yr - ₹5 L/yr

arrow icon 48% less
Colliers International Team Manager Salary

1 - 7 years exp. (4 salaries)

6.5 Lakhs

₹6 L/yr - ₹7 L/yr

arrow icon 30% less
Knight Frank Team Manager Salary

4 - 9 years exp. (3 salaries)

10.2 Lakhs

₹7 L/yr - ₹12.2 L/yr

arrow icon 11% more
Team Manager salary in Risland India ranges between ₹8.1 Lakhs to ₹10.4 Lakhs per year. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Risland India .

Similar Designation salaries in Risland India

Deputy Manager Salary
(5 salaries)
9.6 Lakhs
₹7.3 L/yr - ₹12 L/yr
Team Lead Salary
(AmbitionBox Estimate)
20.3 Lakhs
₹17.7 L/yr - ₹22.7 L/yr
Operations Executive Salary
(AmbitionBox Estimate)
11.5 Lakhs
₹10.1 L/yr - ₹12.9 L/yr
Customer Service Executive Salary
(AmbitionBox Estimate)
3.1 Lakhs
₹2.7 L/yr - ₹3.5 L/yr

Salary related reviews for Risland India

Project Manager in Chennai

Full Time


Construction & Site Engineering Department

posted on 28 Nov 2022

4.0 for Salary and Benefits


It's a better platform for those who want to develop their knowledge in Real-estate industry. We can learn a lot - new Construction technologies, Design planning, Landscape development and Marketing strategy used by the company in China. They facilitate training program for all the staffs (I also had a chance to visit the HO of the company in Foshan). The working culture and the team building was amazing!

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...and Indian based (chinese) top management thinks that they are superior than us. They wasted huge amount for money as Salary for our Chennai - directors who were'nt deserving the position / salary. Because, the recruitment team of the company was a Chinese guy + 1 HR lady from Mumbai, who had zero knowledge about the Industry in India. On the other hand, there is no salary hike during my period (Initial 2 years of the company from establishment), and the appraisal scheme was very poor. They recruited a big team for each city and within a year, started firing the people in the name of cost cutting (Actually, they were firing the people who were really working hard and retaining the team, of which most of them are cheating/looting the own company)

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Intern in New Delhi



Sales & Business Development Department

posted on 07 Mar 2022

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


... months internship period I’ve witnessed more than 20 resignations in Risland. I got finished internship and they offered me permanent role verbally and their HR head even sent me pay structure but even after waiting 3 weeks I didn’t get any update nor my offer letter for permanent role. When I pushed their senior management they told me to wait for sometime but I already gave them 3 weeks so on 3 March they told me that they need some more time but when I told me that I can’t continue after day if they didn’t provide the offer letter the HR told me that sorry we lead 2 months to process your offer letter as you were intern. All in all they want me to work in stipend for next two more months before they can sack me. Terrible management it’s a Chinese company. HQ is mumbai the national director promises big but when the time comes he can’t even bother to pick your call. If you don’t trust my words go and ask in the market about Risland and why everyone resigned. Ps - later I got to know that they did this kind of stuff to every intern as they don’t want to spend on permanent role and need cheap labour.

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Associate Director Human Resource - India in BKC

Full Time


Finance & Accounting Department

posted on 13 Aug 2020

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


They understand the need of the employees and work for it.During covid company did give full salary to employees and also provided masks to employees and their families.The company supported us during hard times.

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I have been here for more than 3 years there is nothing to dislike anything.

Director Legal in Gurgaon / Gurugram

Full Time


Legal & Regulatory Department

posted on 21 Nov 2023

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


There has vision but lacking execution. Even it is a professional company sometimes it looks like run the whims management.Most of the team member only knows the yes sir concept. If you want to professionally grow then it is the company you are looking for.

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Not much and it can give some unexpected benefit.

Deputy Manager in New Delhi

Customer Success, Service & Operations Department

posted on 19 May 2022

3.0 for Salary and Benefits


Worst Work culture! you just do hard work but get nothing in returns ! Management is just blind and only gives growth to brown-nosing/ dishonest/corrupted employees

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Management gives growth to brown-nosing dishonest corrupted employees

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Risland India Team Manager salary in India ranges between ₹8.1 Lakhs to ₹10.4 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on latest salaries received from employees of Risland India .