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Servosys Solutions

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HQ - Gurgaon Financial Services 51-200 Employees (India)
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Servosys Solutions Salaries in India

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Salary related reviews for Servosys Solutions

Software Engineer in Noida

Software Development Department

posted on 09 Oct 2022

3.0 for Salary and Benefits


1. Salary and appraisal is average, better than may companies out there. 2. Average for Freshers.


1. Lots of politics by Management and Employees. 2. Work pressure by Seniors. 3. Work credits are always taken by Seniors. 4. You will be expected to work on Saturday/Sunday/leave. 5. Expect you to work after office hours. 6. Lots of more points. But, in short I will say If you a fresher and you are unable to find job then you can go for this company to gain some experience and later switch to a good company. A very Big No for experienced guys.

Work Details

Work days: Monday to Friday (Strict Timings)

Software Developer in Mumbai

Business Intelligence & Analytics Department

posted on 02 Apr 2020

1.0 for Salary and Benefits


I'm working for 2.5 years and here are some of my good thoughts about Servosys. Teammates are good, for freshers it's a very good company to learn technical and non technical things. You can lear SQL, Core Java, Advanced Java, JavaScript, jQuery, other front end/ back end technologies, web services, also how to interact with the client, meetings, demos, requirement gathering, then planning and designing as per the previous stages and then developing a demo application and then full-scale development of the app, also we have to test the application and provide support. Over all its the SDLC learning and development.


... Some seniors got habitual of getting salary hike by applying resignations and rolling it back later. Due to which management thinks that if an employee needs hike, they will put up resignation and later management may give the employee some hike. They did the same thing with me which I declined, as practicing such system is not good from my point of view.

Work Details

Work days: Alternate Saturday off (Strict Timings)

Work related travel: This job involves Travel Within City.

Software Engineer in New Delhi

Software Development Department

posted on 24 Jul 2018

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


... Salary is always on time. Even the directors are very helpful if your request is genuine. If you are send to client side they pay you with short term relocation.


More facilities should be provided. No on-job training for freshers, so both freshers and senior folks struggle, no appraisal until you ask for it. Notice period is too long.

Work Details

Work timings: Flexible Timings

Work related travel: This job involves Travel Within Country.

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