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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Salaries in India

based on 4.1k latest salaries
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Engineering - Software & QA Marketing & Communication Sales & Business Development Media Production & Entertainment + 6 more
Designation Avg Annual Salary Open Jobs

Assistant Manager Finance & Accounts

7 - 9 years exp. (62 salaries)
7.4 Lakhs

(₹7 L/yr - ₹8 L/yr)

Associate Director

7 - 16 years exp. (58 salaries)
33 Lakhs

(₹17.5 L/yr - ₹58.3 L/yr)

Software Developer

0 - 7 years exp. (48 salaries)
21.4 Lakhs

(₹13.2 L/yr - ₹37.1 L/yr)

Brand Manager

2 - 12 years exp. (44 salaries)
11 Lakhs

(₹8 L/yr - ₹14.1 L/yr)

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Sales Manager

3 - 13 years exp. (43 salaries)
12.1 Lakhs

(₹5.1 L/yr - ₹17.5 L/yr)

Data Scientist

0 - 6 years exp. (43 salaries)
17.5 Lakhs

(₹11.9 L/yr - ₹23.1 L/yr)

Technical Lead

7 - 16 years exp. (41 salaries)
37.5 Lakhs

(₹27 L/yr - ₹53 L/yr)

Video Editor

2 - 13 years exp. (40 salaries)
5.2 Lakhs

(₹3 L/yr - ₹10 L/yr)

Software Development Engineer II

3 - 7 years exp. (37 salaries)
24.7 Lakhs

(₹15 L/yr - ₹32 L/yr)

Software Engineer

0 - 5 years exp. (31 salaries)
12.5 Lakhs

(₹12.1 L/yr - ₹20 L/yr)


10 - 20 years exp. (28 salaries)
43.4 Lakhs

(₹30 L/yr - ₹73 L/yr)

Senior Software Engineer

4 - 8 years exp. (26 salaries)
22.5 Lakhs

(₹10 L/yr - ₹40 L/yr)

Software Development Engineer

0 - 5 years exp. (26 salaries)
14.8 Lakhs

(₹12 L/yr - ₹20 L/yr)

Senior Brand Manager

5 - 15 years exp. (25 salaries)
18.2 Lakhs

(₹13 L/yr - ₹26 L/yr)

Marketing Manager

0 - 12 years exp. (25 salaries)
11.5 Lakhs

(₹5.5 L/yr - ₹14 L/yr)

Senior Marketing Manager

7 - 14 years exp. (23 salaries)
16 Lakhs

(₹13.3 L/yr - ₹23 L/yr)

Senior Sales Manager

3 - 17 years exp. (22 salaries)
17.6 Lakhs

(₹12.5 L/yr - ₹21.5 L/yr)

Customer Engagement Manager

5 - 12 years exp. (21 salaries)
9.2 Lakhs

(₹6.6 L/yr - ₹14.3 L/yr)

Promo Producer

3 - 12 years exp. (21 salaries)
8.1 Lakhs

(₹3.7 L/yr - ₹14.2 L/yr)

Executive Secretary

2 - 17 years exp. (20 salaries)
12.1 Lakhs

(₹6 L/yr - ₹18 L/yr)

Last Updated: 16 Jul, 2024

Salary related reviews for Zee Entertainment Enterprises

3.2 Rated by 516 employees for salary and benefits

Assistant Manager in Jaipur

Full Time


Customer Success, Service & Operations Department

posted on 17 Oct 2023

2.0 for Salary and Benefits


...pany has taken care of everyone during the worst time of human history Covid 19. No salary cut, No job cut, No cost-cutting. Had an opportunity to be a versatile and multi-dimensional professional.

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...promotion and appraisals are nowhere close to process. No communication with HR. Salary and benefits are very low. .

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Senior Product Executive in Mumbai

Full Time


Other Department

posted on 07 Jun 2023

5.0 for Salary and Benefits


Good Pay Flexible work timings Wfh allowed


"A Disastrous Experience with Zee Enterprise and the Unethical Conduct of Aishwarya Jain" I feel compelled to share my deeply unsatisfactory experience with Zee Enterprise, primarily due to the unprofessional and unethical conduct of Aishwarya Jain, the Business Deputy Head. My interactions with Ms. Jain have left me utterly disillusioned and disappointed, revealing a complete lack of respect for individuals, their time, and a blatant disregard for professional ethics. First and foremost, it is disheartening to witness how Ms. Jain consistently exhibits an utter disregard for the well-being of her subordinates. She frequently demands that her team members work on her personal tasks, completely disregarding their own priorities and responsibilities. This not only reflects a blatant misuse of power but also creates an environment of frustration and burnout among the team members. In addition to the aforementioned issues, it is disconcerting to witness the complete absence of accountability and transparency within Ms. Jain's leadership. Important decisions are made without proper consultation or consideration of varying perspectives, which has a detrimental effect on the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. To summarize, my encounter with Zee Enterprise and Aishwarya Jain has been nothing short of a nightmare. Her unethical behavior, lack of respect for individuals, and disregard for professional standards are deeply troubling. It is my sincere hope that the management of Zee Enterprise takes swift and decisive action to rectify these issues and restore the integrity and trust that have been severely compromised. Until then, I cannot in good conscience recommend Zee Enterprise or trust in their ability to provide a conducive and ethical work environment.

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SDE II Data Scientist in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Full Time


Data Science & Analytics Department

posted on 29 Jun 2023

3.0 for Salary and Benefits


...u are involved you might get more exposure to pipline from data Engg to ci/cd. Pay is considerably better and relocation policy are good.

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No clear vision on projects. Poor WLB. No recognition for deliverables. HR policies has to be improvise and no WFH. Minor Politics over teams and verticals. Unprofessional and unethical behaviour from few verticals.

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Security Analyst in ECOSPACE, Bangalore

IT & Information Security Department

posted on 27 Jul 2022

4.0 for Salary and Benefits


- It is a newly built team. - If you are shortlisted, they are ready to give 100% hike also. - No rotational shifts. - Flexible work hours

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...oining bonus or any other like ,, Relocation charges, Intial accommodation. etc. We have to pay 100% if we leave within 2 years. - if you're poor perfomer or project completes ,you can't get any other project. - 12% basic they will add in your CTC as employer pf contribution. It means 12% emp + 12% empr = 24% will go to PF. - Finally there is no exposure for cross skilling. - 100% work from office

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Manager in Mumbai

Commercial Department

posted on 07 May 2022

4.0 for Salary and Benefits


... Company. Good work life balance. Very good team members and culture in company. Employee friendly, almost full bonus if given on time. U can learn alot, People learn here alot and apply those skills in market to grow furthe.

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Dont see much only thing i can say very good management, Top management hence u will find lesser drawbacks compare to other companies.

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Salary FAQs

How much does Zee Entertainment Enterprises pay per year?
The average Zee Entertainment Enterprises salary ranges from approximately ₹2.2 Lakhs per year for a Office Assistant to ₹89.7 Lakhs per year for a Business Head. Salary estimates are based on 4.1k Zee Entertainment Enterprises salaries received from various employees of Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Zee Entertainment Enterprises employees rate the overall salary and benefits package 3.2/5 stars.
What is the highest salary in Zee Entertainment Enterprises?
The highest-paying job at Zee Entertainment Enterprises is a Business Head with a salary of ₹89.7 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹37.89 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹97 lakhs per year.
What is the minimum salary in Zee Entertainment Enterprises?
Minimum salary at Zee Entertainment Enterprises depends on the role you are applying for. For Assistant Manager Finance & Accounts the minimum salary is ₹7.4 Lakhs per year, for Assistant Manager the minimum salary is ₹7.4 Lakhs per year and so on.
What is the salary package for freshers in Zee Entertainment Enterprises?
The average salary at Zee Entertainment Enterprises for freshers varies from ₹12.9 Lakhs per year for Software Engineer to ₹17.6 Lakhs per year for Data Scientist.
What is the notice period at Zee Entertainment Enterprises?
According to AmbitionBox, 46% of the Zee Entertainment Enterprises employees reported a notice period of 2 Months, 33% reported a notice period of 1 Month and the remaining reported other notice period durations. This is based on 2.3k responses on AmbitionBox in last 2 years.

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Average annual salary in Zee Entertainment Enterprises is INR 18.2 lakhs . Salary estimates are based on 4.1k Zee Entertainment Enterprises latest salaries received from various employees of Zee Entertainment Enterprises.