6 Signs to Spot Toxic Company Culture Before You Say Yes!

If company culture is a priority in your job hunt, this blog is for you. Here are 7 signs of toxic company culture you must look for before you say yes!

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6 Signs to Spot Toxic Company Culture Before You Say Yes!

Can you believe that employee turnover at companies with poor work culture is 48.4%?

This means that a little less than half of the working population would leave a company with a bad work culture.

And rightly so! Working with a great company is a dream for many and the last thing you want is to work in a place that breaks your spirit.

If the thought of going to work everyday when you hate your job makes you uncomfortable, then this blog is for you.

Here are 6 signs to identify toxic company culture before you say yes!

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1. Vague job description

Vaguely defined job responsibilities is a major red flag of company culture.

An unclear job description with irrelevant list of skills may reflect the company's lack of seriousness about hiring new talent.

You could be all-pro for going with the flow, but signing up for a blur opportunity will only leave you sour and confused.

So, if you are unclear about the role and the interviewer can't explain it either, we suggest that you don't accept the position.

2. Poor company culture ratings and review

Nobody can tell you about a company better than its employees.

Everyone has a unique opinion, but when a majority of people say the same thing, it's most likely to be true.

As asking people individually may be difficult, we suggest you put on your detective hat and be a better judge yourself.

You can visit AmbitionBox and browse the company reviews and ratings shared by genuine employees to make an informed career choice.

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3. High employee turnover

High employee turnover is a crucial sign of toxic company culture.

People often leave companies early in their tenure for better opportunities.

But if a company fails to retain not one, or two but a majority of employees, it must be doing something wrong.

So, make sure you research the company’s employee shelf life online. You can do so by searching (name of the company) employee turnover rate on the internet.

4. Lack of vision and mission are met by rigid working hours

Have you heard “aim for the stars and you may reach the sky?

We don’t know about reaching the sky, but we are sure that a company without a goal is a lost cause and it’ll eventually reflect in its culture.

No wonder that the lack of a strong vision and mission is a prominent sign of toxic company culture.

If a company has a solid vision, you can work both hard and smart to achieve milestones. But without directions, it’s impossible to have a defined process.

This would mean additional and sometimes irrelevant workload, long and rigid working hours, missing work-life balance, and a stagnant and unhappy culture.

So we suggest you look for the company's mission and vision statement before you consider joining it.

5. Dull and depressing workplace environment

‌Imagine going into a room full of people that is awfully quiet, where even the walls seem to crumble down.

Now imagine going to this room every day for 7-8 hours.

This is what working in a dull and depressing workplace would look like.

We cannot stress enough on how much attention you must pay to the environment and vibe of the workplace.

Joining a company is a big step and if you are planning to stay there for long, make sure that it’s comfortable.

A good culture means having a vibrant place and happy employees. On the contrary, bad work culture means a dull office, and unhappy, indifferent employees.

To get better insights, you can check out the office pictures online by searching Company name office pictures on the web, or browsing through the Look at the workplace section on AmbitionBox.

6. Unprofessional interview process‌

‌A good company will leave no stone unturned to seem pleasant and warm to leave a good first impression.

But shockingly, some companies do not believe in making an impression at all and rest assured, you do not want to end up in a place like this.

Just remember, if you can't like a place as an outsider, you sure can't dedicate a part of your professional life to it.‌

So, assess the interview process starting from the first phone call you receive for the opening.

A good company will always have positive and cordial interviewers who can make a candidate comfortable even when they ask them the toughest questions.

If you feel that the interviewer is unprofessional, or disrespectful, feel free to leave.

‌To conclude, the idea is to work in a place that helps you grow in a happy environment and not a toxic one.  

With all the major red flags in your know, we are sure you will be able to discover a great place to work for yourself.

Good luck!