7 Cool Company Benefits You Wish Your Company Would Offer

Company benefits like health insurance, cab service, team outings, work from home option, etc are usual. Let’s list a few unique benefits which firms provide to their employees.

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7 Cool Company Benefits You Wish Your Company Would Offer

Let’s come on a common ground right away, job perks are just so cool.

Last I checked, no one could resist pandas & perks. Both just leave you awestruck!

A happy employee is so much more productive. According to a survey, happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

This is why, most companies want their employees to be happy, and thus productive.

Usually, benefits like health insurance, cab service, team outings, work from home option, etc are enough to ease your life a little.

However, some firms take a step further & provide some out of the box benefits to keep the employees happy.

Here, are some of these unique benefits which firms provide to their employees.

1. Paid Vacation

Haven't we dreamt of a job where we could grab a camera, see the world & get paid for it?

What if I told you some firms do that for their employees?

I know of some travel based companies which gives its employees an annual stipend, which they could use to travel & stay around the globe.

This not only helps in harnessing employee job satisfaction but also lets them have an up-close experience of the product.

If that isn’t enough, some hotel chains also give heavy staff discounts on staff reservations.

Feeling a little jealous? Well, we don’t blame you!

2. Free food

“There is no free lunch in this world”.

We all have heard it, but some firms have proved this quote wrong.

Many companies provide free food options to their employees, however, among all those few which take it to whole new level.

Many top notch companies make sure that employees are well-fed, offering a wide variety of cuisines in their world-class office cafeterias.

Thus these firms not only give quite a free treat to its employees, but a whole experience.

By the way, When was the last time you had a free meal in your office cafeteria?

3. Sleep pods

Ever heard of sleeping at work?

Yes! We are surprised too!

It's amazing!

According to Times Of India, 93% of Indians are sleep deprived. This can prove disastrous both professionally & personally.

While most companies try to ease work pressure on their employees by various benefits, sleep pods are hands down the coolest amongst all.

In this case, some tech companies make sure you get that nap right. These firms provide its employees with an option to use a sleep pod or sleep room, if they feel like taking a quick nap.

I am already yawning!

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4. Re-return after a break in career

Can you explain why do you have a career break in between?

If you are tired of answering this question during interviews, then this benefit is all you need.

According to a study by Forbes, The financial price paid for a career break is an 18% decrease in their earning power on average—and a 37% decrease when they’re out for three years or more.

In most cases, things might look uphill if you plan to take a little break from your work. However, there are many exceptions.

Some employees get a unique benefit to take a career break & rejoin the company at their convenience.

How cool is that!

However, this option is provided by a handful of firms.

5. Counseling session

Stress is quite a problem in modern-day India. The hustle & bustle leave you with a hollow mind & numb body.

Whom do you talk to about any professional or personal stress?

Well, taking up this issue seriously, most companies have started providing counseling sessions to their employees.

This may not be a unique benefit but we feel taking care of the mental health of your employees is cool.

6. Grocery center

We aren’t sure from which side does this benefit edge on more?

For some, it may shorten the shopping trip with your family and for others, it may get a day off.

Either way, this benefit is quite a unique one.

The idea behind bringing a grocery center to work is to save employees the time and effort to shop while going back home.

After all, who would mind picking up a few household things from the office itself?

A few firms have a well-structured grocery center within the office premises to ensure hassle-free grocery shopping for its employees.

Work & shopping brought together, quite a combination!

7. Yoga & meditation center

A yoga asana or a meditation session can chase your worries away like the month-end chases your desires.

Just imagine, a soothing meditation after a long day at work?

A calm and relaxed session of yoga & meditation to soothe their minds.

Many companies provide quite amazing benefits to their employees. We talked about some of the coolest & unique ones in the pool.

So, before saying yes to a job next time, check out some of the amazing benefits companies offer on AmbitionBox.com.