Top Unique & Awesome Things To Reveal Company Culture

We are quite sure, everyone is aware of traditional "must have" company culture practices. How about we tell you about some of the coolest & unique features which can reveal company culture in a glance.

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Top Unique & Awesome Things To Reveal Company Culture

Culture is a broad term, limiting it to a mere few words could be quite a tragedy.

However, in every firm, big or small, it's this culture that lays the groundwork of values for embodiment.

Haven't we all laughed about those unprofessional workplaces wherein lunch breaks often stretch to hours?

And hasn't problem-solving time been a content of pun for most?

If getting paid at the end of the month isn't your only objective, then you can trust company culture to shape your professional growth.

We are quite sure, everyone is aware of the traditional "must-haves" of company culture practices.

How about we tell you about some of the coolest & unique features that can reveal company culture in a glance.

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1. Artifacts

Remember those shabby buildings with a noisy fan over your head? Half painted walls with countless files?

Doesn’t it remind you of a 70’s black & white Bollywood movie?

Well, that was a reality & it still exists.

Starting from furniture to the paint of the walls, speak volumes about the culture of the company.

When management of a firm goes the extra mile to provide a positive colorful workplace, it speaks volumes about employee-centric policy.

A motivation quote in bold on the front wall may boost someone’s morale in the office every day.

With modern-day corporates diving into detailing, no wonder bean bags at the workplace with an aromatic coffee machine on the side has become the new norm.

All this is done just to make employees feel at home, which indeed shows the values of the company.

2. Benefits

Not heard appreciation from your boss yet? Let us do it for you.

Every employee is an asset. Its employees like you, which churn the wheel of growth for a firm.

Happy? Now let’s carry on!

Modern-day corporates are not like those classic 9-5 PM jobs, they demand a perfect blend of hard work & stress.

While most people try to blend these within the office only, it’s important to provide the right vent out.

A gym at the workplace, recreational games arena, health rooms, etc are such vent outs.

I guess that’s what makes firms stand apart from the rest. A progressive firm always makes sure that its employees are happy & satisfied with their job.

A happy employee is much productive than just an employee!

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3. Timings

When we say flexible timings, we don’t mean to say, come in at 11 AM & leave by 2 PM.

However, when you get to think of it, wouldn't that be cool?

But what we mean is, your boss would call you & bash you for not being on time.

The company gives you the freedom to choose your time of coming to work & complete your fixed shift hours.

This makes a culture stand out, wherein you maintain your timeline to complete work within deadlines than the calendar on your boss desk.

4. Hierarchy

Sir, Mam, etc are things of the time when Maruti 800 was the latest car in the market.

In modern times, most companies believe in flat hierarchies. You can walk into your VP’s office & talk about any issue or insight.

Calling your boss by your name may seem impolite at first. However, this is quite a lauded approach.

The reason being, the rapport you build by addressing people with the name, still holds strong personal value than titles.

In a corporate environment, you work across divisions, departments & teams, it's important that you connect with them well and get work done smoothly.

5. Celebrations

We work hard, but we party harder!

I guess at least once, we all must have heard such a thing at work. Honestly, who doesn't like to party?

But do most firms live up to that?

Imagine a much-awaited office party, which comes once a year & you end up with a boring 2-hour speech & a thank you note kept near a boring buffet.

Much of the culture is revealed by how is the work environment & workforce?

We believe the craziest epic birthday parties are usually thrown by people who fill up the air with positivism & good vibes.

If those people end up being your teammates, then you indeed are one lucky person.

Crazy birthday celebrations, eccentric annual RnR, monthly team outings, etc all reveal much about the company culture in there unique way.

Who won't want to be in a firm where everyone cares about each other & the firm cares about everyone.

6. Encouraging to learn

Knowledge is better than any worldly artifact.

If your firm encourages its employees to learn different skills while they are working, indeed it’s the firm to be in.

The firm does not even know how long you are going to stay with them.

With just a hope of you sticking around, they make sure that you acquire the best skills in the longer run.

This is rare but speaks so much about the culture of a firm.

Every firm is different, however before you join a firm, make sure you check the culture of the company on websites like AmbitionBox.

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Company culture is the key to your career stability. Believe us!

Best of luck!