How to Find the Perfect Company Culture? (Revealed!)

Worried about joining the wrong company? Here is some out-of-the-box gyan on how to find the perfect company culture for you!

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How to Find the Perfect Company Culture? (Revealed!)

Do you ever wish you could magically find a company that’s just right for you?

Most of us do. Sadly, the sorting hat only exists in Hogwarts, and finding where you belong in real life takes some serious effort.

Though salary is one of the primary motivations for most of us, can you imagine working in a place you dread?

If your answer is no, then you are looking for a good company culture.

The idea of finding the perfect company culture may seem overwhelming but it is all about finding a space you are comfortable working in.

And while the popular belief is that you can’t do much to understand a company’s culture before joining it, the good news is, you can!

Here is some out-of-the-box gyan on how to find a company with the perfect culture for you!

1. Read between the lines in the job description

While most of us focus on the responsibilities section of a job description, a closer look can reveal a lot more about the company.

Here are the 5 things you must look for in a job description for good company culture.

  1. Unique and communicative job description.
  2. Soft skills the company is looking for.
  3. If the company defines its mission statement in the JD.
  4. Uniformity in tone- casual or formal.
  5. Nature of job responsibility- if it is result or target oriented.

2. Browse companies with AmbitionBox

Researching about companies before applying or appearing for the interview is a trick every job seeker must have up their sleeves.

Use AmbitionBox to find what employees are saying about the company.

You can dive deep into company pages on AmbitionBox with these easy steps:

  1. Look up the company name in the 'Search Company' tab and select 'Company Overview' below it.

2. Explore the 'About' section to find what the company does, how long has it been in the market, company size, and other basic information.

3.  Select the 'Reviews' tab and gauge the overall rating and category ratings by genuine employees.

4. Browse through the ‘Reviews’ section to read genuine experiences from people who are or were associated with the company to find the popular opinion.

5. Check out the 'Benefits' section to find out what the company offers its employees to make their experience comfortable and worthwhile.

6. Use filters and find customized ratings suitable to your designation, team, and location to get more clarity.

3. Explore the company’s social media channels

Social media is a popular communication channel today, even for employers.

A smart way to find out what goes on inside an organization is browsing through its social media channels.

Search the company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, to get an insight into the workplace, values, and events the company is involved in.

The 3 things you must assess while browsing through these channels are:

  1. Company's interaction with followers.
  2. Type of content being shared.
  3. Promotional events and in-house activities.

4. Look for workplace pictures

Vibrant and well-organized places improve the employee experience and directly impact the culture.

A sneak-peek inside the cafeteria, workspaces, meeting rooms, and other common places can help you get an idea of the company's aesthetics and culture.

Search the pictures on the website, social media channels, and other official mediums.

You can also get your hands on the inside pictures by searching {Company name} office pictures on Google or in the 'Look at the workplace' section of the company page on AmbitionBox.

5. Check company culture ratings

Checking company culture ratings is an easy way to understand employees' outlook about culture.

A company with happy and satisfied employees will always have high company culture ratings.

Search for the company page on AmbitionBox and note the ratings given against company culture to identify a positive workplace.

You can also set filters to customize results for your designation, location, and department.

6. Deep dive into company ratings

You should aim at finding a company that wants its employees to be competent and empowered and the best way to do it is through ratings.

Category ratings can help you assess how well a company caters to employee's growth and comfort.

Use ratings to find if a company’s culture is right for you.

Search the company page and check category ratings under the company reviews section.

Tip: Filter your designation, location, and department to get accurate results.

Here are some additional things you can do to find the perfect company culture during the interview.

7. Use the lobby time to your advantage

Your first impression of the company is equally important as their impression of you.

Reach the interview venue early and use the extra lobby time to note the details.

The interiors of an office best suggest the mood and aesthetics of the company.

So, observe the decor, space organization, interiors, reception area, waiting area, common areas, and work desks.

8. List questions to ask your interviewer

An interview is supposed to be a test only for employees is a myth as old as that of Pandora’s box.

An interview is a 2-way process and you must ask questions to get more clarity.

Ask relevant questions to the interviewer and the HR to get an insight into the company's values and culture.

To assess the company culture, you may ask questions like:

  1. Are the working hours flexible?
  2. How is employee performance evaluated?
  3. What do you like about working here?
  4. What is the management hierarchy structure?
  5. How do you make the company employee-friendly?

9. Evaluate the interview process

Finding the right culture is no rocket science.

If you relate to a work environment and are comfortable with everything, you know you have reached the right place.

Evaluate the hiring process from the interview call till the final round and notice the small details.

Here are some common scenarios decoded for you:

  1. Getting a call directly from the reporting manager can reflect openness and flat hierarchy.
  2. If the interviewers make you wait too long, disregarding the importance of your time, it shows a lack of professionalism.
  3. Rude or confused interviewers who are inefficient at taking interviews show bad company culture.

10. Observe the people you meet and see

Have you heard “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?

Most employees do the latter and how they dress to work is exactly how they feel about it.

Observe the employee dress code, decorum, and the workspace to get a basic idea.

Happy and smiling employees are a major green flag of good company culture.

Notice how people interact with each other, the mood of conversations.

Believe me, it can tell you a lot.

11. Follow your instincts

Always follow your gut and trust your instincts when it comes to joining a new company.

Even if you find nothing wrong and it just doesn’t feel right, walk away.

Start the evaluation by asking yourself- Do you see yourself growing in this organization?

You will have your answer!

Often ignored by job seekers, finding a company with good culture is very crucial and can have a huge impact on your career.

Make sure you do it right! Remember, the most important thing is to look for a company that is right for you, and not the best one in the market.

All the best!