Why Should We Read Reviews Before Joining a Company?

When was the last time you ordered food, accessories or products online without reading the reviews? Rarely, right? Then why not the same with companies before you join them?

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Why Should We Read Reviews Before Joining a Company?

When was the last time you ordered food, accessories, or products online without reading the reviews?

Rarely, right?

Then why not the same with companies before you join them?

Here are some reasons why we should read company reviews before joining.

1. Gives a sneak peek of the workplace

Just imagine, you bought a car merely on its stylish sporty look, however, within a week you realize the maintenance & fuel is burning a hole in your pocket.

How does it feel? Isn’t it natural to think, wish someone would have told you beforehand?

This is exactly what the company reviews intend to do.

Company reviews aim at providing those insights which, websites & HR tend to put in the back end.

During an interview or on the website, a company shall never disclose the shortcomings of their respective firm.

Their projection is always of a roller coaster ride if you work with their firm.

2. Provides detailed insights about the company

Just like unicorns, a perfect company is a myth.

However, it’s important to highlight the fact that once you are shortlisted for a particular firm, only then make an informed decision by reading reviews.

Apart from given parameters such as work-life balance, company culture & so on, here are a few more important things you need to check before joining.

Skill development

Read reviews to find if the employer encourages to learn more every day? Is learning a core value of the firm? If yes, then you are joining the right firm.

Job security

Money is not everything when you eye a long & fruitful career. Gauge the financial standing of the firm. Read if the employer adheres to a hire & fire policy.

Work satisfaction

A happy employee can be far more productive, look for companies which believe in this mantra. Find out if the employees are satisfied with their work?

Career growth

Working hard is a virtue, getting promoted is luck.

If you believe that, then you are working in the wrong place.

A good company always appreciates good work & opens doors for growth. Though, growth can differ from person to person.

Some might find growth in learning important, for some professional growth is important.

However, whatever your idea of growth maybe, your ideal company should possess that.

Professional life is more than salary & position.

Companies hire you because you are perfect for that role, however, have you ever thought if the company is perfect for you?

When we talk about a great company, we talk about a lot of things along with salaries & positions.

All these other things are brought to limelight through credible Insights.

Insights are a broad term but play a crucial role in finding that perfect job for you. E.g, a company shall never talk about its bad work-life balance upfront.

However, company reviews put it all in the open, from employees documenting their 11-12 hours work shift ordeals to gallantly showing off the flexible shift option.

It’s all out there, all you got to do is, read them!

3. Helps in comparison with other companies

We like to believe that you are quite a rare talent, and with job seekers like you, a confusion of choice always prevails.

Opening up a window of seeking a job opportunity, may lead to offers from more than one company.

What do you do?

Merely by reading company reviews on platforms like AmbitionBox, you can get the inside story of each company.

One company may provide a handsome package but the job security is at its worse & the other may be a bit less on the salary but the benefits are much more.

Choosing is your democratic right, taking you through that decisive journey is our job.

4. Work culture, environment & organisational matrix

A cheerful office is better than a noisy one, at least that’s what I believe.

What brings that joy at work? A positive ecosystem of the firm.

Judge a company by its culture & what employees have to say about it, not by the salary package or a fancy work desk that they have offered you.

Does the company believe in a flat hierarchy? Do the problems of an employee reach the right ears? All these things really add to the culture of the company.

5. Specific department insights

Imagine an MNC whose core domain is finance, doesn’t necessarily mean, its work culture would be exemplary even in the content division.

After all, all fingers in a hand aren’t the same.

Company reviews help you make the right career move in your core field by providing a sneak-peek of your concerning department.

If I ask you to write some good & bad things about the school you went to, wouldn’t you be in a perfect position to point out even the slightest observation?

Something as specific as which teacher has the best art of teaching to what food in the canteen to look out for.

I am sure you would have a good take on the principal too.

Similarly, trusted company reviews are the ones that have been written by employees of the firm itself.

As they say, “Straight from the horse’s mouth”.

7. Can establish work expectations

Expecting a bouquet from your manager during your onboarding process?

Well despite this being an unrealistic expectation, every company has different values.

Company review platforms like AmbitionBox provide job seekers with overall ratings of the company, which helps you to set your bar of expectations.

Expecting a positive work-life balance from a company with maximum reviews against its crude work shift timings is like expecting an Ark of Noah in a flood.

No matter how good a package maybe, if your work isn’t appreciated, if the office politics is dominant, at some point you shall have it all & prefer quitting.

“I’d tell my boss to go & jump in a lake, but I am worried, he would probably just delegate that to me too”

We just don’t want you to be saying that in your professional career. Be aware, that’s all we are asking for!

8. Inside news that can affect your career

“All that glitters isn’t gold”

How many times have you heard that a company is downsizing or cutting salaries due to financial constraints?

Sometimes management issues loom large forcing people to quit, salaries never come on time & other internal problems.

Issues can be endless & your career can get hampered by them. Here is exactly where company reviews come into the picture.

Hearing about these issues from the employees of the company is a boon in disguise.

Inside news of a bad manager or long work shifts helps you to make up your mind if you want to join the firm.

9. Work load and work-life balance scenario

How many hours shift is a routine in the firm? Is the work stress way more than other firms?

Remember working is part of life, but personal & family life is the most important part. Knowing about all this from the current employees is your best bet.

10. Understanding “Do’s” & “Don’ts” in a company

You may expect a casual dressing work norm, however, the company may have a formal dress code.

You may expect late coming to be a small affair, wherein for a company, it may be a grave issue.

What to do while you dream of a career?

The answer is simple. Find about the dos and don'ts of the company.

Your morning coffee ritual may raise an eyebrow of your manager, but indeed you won’t know what to do until you know about things beforehand.

11. Overview of the company’s employee-friendly policy

Working from home may sound intriguing, maternity leave may be a priority and sick leaves could be a boon.

All these things may be important to you, but is it the same for the employer?

It’s very important to gauge the employee-friendly policy of a company before joining it. Who says it better than those who write genuine reviews about the firm?

12. Perks and compensation parameters

Does the company give medical insurance?

Is the shuttle service provided?

Is there a possibility of free lunch?

Does the salary come on time?

Are there any additional deductions in the salary?

So many questions and yet none of these things can be known before you join a company & once you join, you can't oppose it.

How do you get to know these things before joining? You know the answer!

Visit AmbitionBox and read genuine employee reviews and ratings to find answers and discover great places to work.

13. Location constraints

A beautifully designed glass building in the middle of nowhere is good for nothing when it comes to traveling to work every day.

Proper public transport service from office location is a must, make sure you know beforehand about the proximity of the location of work.

When employees write reviews, some write about salary issues, while some write about work culture & so on.

Every employee has a valid parameter, however, it’s completely your personal decision to make, judging on parameters important to you.

The only point to ponder upon is that it needs to be an informed decision.

Discovering great workplaces is harder than finding a perfect soulmate, at least every person you meet won't claim to be the best.

Every company believes it is the best. Only the employees can be the better judge of these tall claims.

We hope all of you out there are the smartest of the lot & well-skilled to utilize reviews to the best of your benefit.

We hope we are right.