10 Ways to Make Work From Home Productive in the Corona Pandemic

With the world at a standstill, and nowhere else to go, work can easily be affected. Here are a few ways to ensure productivity while working from home.

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10 Ways to Make Work From Home Productive in the Corona Pandemic

The novel COVID-19’s spread has literally spread panic across the globe leading the offices to declare a work from home (WFH) policy for their employees.

But how can one ensure maximum productivity in such times?

Don’t worry, here are 10 ways you can ensure optimum productivity when working from home.

1. Make a daily calendar

It is very easy to feel lazy and unproductive when you are stuck in the house. But work is also an important part of your life.

So, first things first, organize your thoughts and make a to-do list/daily calendar. This will help you to stay focused on completing the tasks for the day (if not more).

Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks, Meister Task, etc are a few apps that can help you organize the day.

2. Set ground rules in the house

Working from home can be chaotic.

Whether you are a family person with children running all over the house or a bachelor who has to prepare his meals, work can easily get affected.

Here are a few basic ground rules you must incorporate.

1. Find the perfect spot to work.

2. Work the same hours as your office.

3. Communicate a do-not-disturb policy to your family.

3. Dress for work

It is often said, what you wear affects your mood. Couldn’t agree more, right?

Who doesn't like to stay in their Pajamas all the time? But these sneaky devils can make you feel lethargic and lazy.

So, to avoid it, dress like you’re getting ready for office (at least for a casual day).

This will make you feel awake and active, and allow you to get more work done.

4. Find a good work spot

Beds... Do I need to say more? But when you're on WFH it's better to avoid them.

Sounds almost cruel, right?

You might end up with a frozen neck even if you do so for almost 9 hours a day.

Also, sleep can creep up at any time, hampering your work.

So, choose a place away from your bed, a work table where you can sit upright and comfy. This will help you to keep the majority of your problems at bay.

5. Allocate time for meetings

With the current lockdown in the country (worldwide too), organizing meetings has become a challenge.

The best way to deal with this situation is to create a calendar for meetings a day before.

Use your office mail like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc to book slots for meetings and add participants accordingly.

This will surely save time in sending notifications to everyone.

6. Ensure communication with your team

With #socialdistancing and #stayathome being the call of the hour, working remotely becomes extremely important.


Because interaction not only uplifts your mood but also helps to remain motivated as a team.

Apps like Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, etc help in remote working and create the best results in the face of adversities.

Opt for video calls as it is a far more efficient mode of communication than emails and voice calls, and also uplifts your mood on seeing other people. Just a thought!

7. Pick up your favorite activity to beat stress

Until a few weeks ago we all had been cribbing about how we miss out on our favorite hobby.

Well, guess what? You can now resume your favorite hobby to beat the stress of WFH and also kill boredom.

For instance, in post-work hours, I have plenty of time in the evening to resume my interest in music.

This surely helps me to relax and keep away negativity. It also helps in spending time together with your near and dear ones.

8.  Put on some TV or light music

A hard day of nonstop working and being stuck in the house can be a mood spoiler for everyone.

So, to beat it, you can turn on the TV (let the news channels enlighten you) or put on some light instrumental music(I prefer Beethoven’s symphonies).

How can this help, you ask? The TV and music can help nullify the dead silence, by tricking the mind.

Also, with the negativity driven away, you are left with positive energy to produce great work.

9. Maintain work-life balance

One of the most affected areas while working from home is your work-life balance.

Here's how you can ensure it.

The best way to maintain work-life balance is to mark a clear demarcation between work and self-time.

How? Simple, when you log out of your system make sure you log out of it completely.

This means, no more work calls or reverting to work emails.

You have completed your 9 hours of office, the rest of the time should be for yourself and your family.

After all, that’s the best part of being in quarantine with your loved ones!

10.   Pay attention to your health

                                “Health is the greatest gift.”

Now, let’s admit that all of the above points will go in vain if your health is not in its top form.

I know all the gyms and fitness centers have been shut down for quite some time now.

But that should not be a reason to avoid your health.

Your brain functions best when energized with fresh air and your body should be ready to face the day with some home workouts.

YouTube channels like SELF and that of Chloe Ting promotes home workouts without any machines.

So, drop that box of excuses and get set sweating!

Hopefully, with these 10 ways, you will be able to ensure maximum productivity while working from home.

May we all come out of this pandemic stronger, healthier, and definitely wiser!