Work-Life Balance vs Salary Offered- How to Choose Between the Two?

Work life balance or salary? What is more important to you? Read this blog to make a better choice between the two.

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Work-Life Balance vs Salary Offered- How to Choose Between the Two?

While most millennials try to run away from being workaholics, many end up being one.

How’s that you ask?

Well, that is because modern-day corporate doesn’t work looking at the clock.

However, a debate of preference keeps on surfacing in the corridors in modern-day professional institutions.

What is work-life balance?

The definition can vary from person to person.

Spending more time with family after work can be a priority for many, while for some, working for fixed hours is a must.

Similarly, no one says no to money, but it depends on how much is good enough.

According to a survey by Economic Times, not just good salaries, employees also wanted a work-life balance to stay happy.

But all seems fine until you have to choose one.

A new job opportunity usually comes with the same dilemma.

Here are a few pointers which you need to keep in mind before choosing.

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1. Be sure of your priorities

When you can’t find an answer, find a reason.

Every professional has the right to make their professional decisions independently.

However, the deciding factors may vary.

Imagine Mr. A & Mr. B have a new job opportunity in the same firm.

The company promises a handsome salary package, however, work shifts are usually long & exhaustive.

Mr. A accepts the offer as a good salary package is a must currently in his life.

Mr. B, on the other hand, rejects the offer as long work shifts could impact his family life & that for him is most important.

In this scenario, neither Mr. A nor Mr. B is wrong.

It is all about the priorities of each individual.

So while your priorities are right, your decision shall be wiser.

2. Explore all possible alternatives

Before you choose amongst the two, make sure you have looked around enough.

Sometimes a perfect opportunity is right around the corner, but we are in quite a haste to check the corner.

Explore more opportunities, see if you can find a job wherein both work-life balance & a decent salary come handy.

If you cant, then you know what to do, Right?

3. Talk your family's opinion

Imagine a scenario, where you take up a job with a great salary, but can't spend time with your family or vice versa.

How would your family react to that? Ever thought of that before taking a decision?

We mostly don't, but remember, whatever decision you take, your family is an equal & important part of it. It would directly impact them.

So its very important to talk to your family & see what is there take on it.

4. Weigh the consequences

Sometimes people have everything materialistically, however emotionally the detachment is much stronger.

Similarly, sometimes it might make you wonder if you could give your family a better life than they have materialistically.

We are mere humans who weigh everything on the spot. Every decision you take would have its consequences.

Lucrative salary might mean less time with family. Similarly, more time to spend with family might come at a heavier cost.

Weigh your current situation & consequences in future before you decide anything.

Weighing it all is the only secret of a right decision.

5. Evaluate the pros and cons

Before you make a final decision, weigh the individual pros & cons of each scenario.

This shall help you in making a wiser decision.

Gearing up to make a choice wouldn’t be any easy without knowing the good & bad in it. Use websites like to check out reviews of companies to see the pros & cons by yourself.

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There can never be a definite winner between work-life balance & salary offered.

However, the right decision depends on your current need.

A wrong decision can lead to an opportunity lost forever & the right decision can land you at the desired place in life.

Think clear, choose wisely!