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Community Guidelines

Our Promise

AmbitionBox seeks to be a trusted and transparent platform to read company reviews, interview questions and advice, discover companies, get salary insights, calculate take-home salary, and do much more! The content on AmbitionBox is posted by employees and affiliates with respect to their experience.

Here, we have compiled the principles and community guidelines that we abide by to ensure AmbitionBox is the most valued source of information to discover the best places to work.

Millions of job seekers rely on AmbitionBox’s company reviews, interview questions and advice, salary information, and other user-submitted content to prepare for interviews, research companies, and get salary information.

Please follow these guidelines (along with Terms of Use) to ensure everyone can benefit from a useful, balanced, and authentic community.


User(s) - Refers to any individual who visits AmbitionBox with (or without) logging in. These users may be students or associated with companies, either part-time or full-time or in any other manner. These users may or may not have prepared or appeared for an interview at a company or have worked at a company and/or are a significant part of an employer’s value chain. These users may also be called job seekers if they are in the process of searching for a job, actively or passively.

Contributor(s) - User(s) who contribute content, including but not limited to company reviews, interview questions, and advice, benefits, salary information, comments, photos, questions & answers, company details, and employer responses, on AmbitionBox are referred to as contributor(s) for the purpose of defining community guidelines.

Content - Refers to any data added on AmbitionBox, including but not limited to salary data, interview questions and advice, company reviews including likes and dislikes, company ratings, comments, benefits, photos, questions & answers, and any other details related or unrelated to a company. The content may be submitted by users of AmbitionBox or employers. If the content is shared by a contributor as defined above, it may also be defined as a contribution.

Employer - Refers to an entity that interviews people interacts with individuals, employs workers, and/or provides the opportunity, either full-time or part-time or in any other manner, for workers to make a living. We may also use the term ‘employer’ to describe a singular official company representative who has requested to claim access to a company’s page on AmbitionBox; this may be someone in HR, management, recruiting, marketing, or any member of the company, with an official email ID that is active at the time of claiming access to the company’s page.

Guidelines for contributors

  1. Truthful and personal opinion: Your review should be truthful and must constitute your own personal opinion and experience with your interviewing company, your interviewer, previous or current employer, etc. We don’t take sides when it comes to factual disputes, so we expect you to stand in favor of the statements expressed in your content.

  2. Balanced company review: We encourage you to think from every possible perspective and include both pros and cons statements to provide a thoroughly balanced company review. At AmbitionBox, we believe that a balanced review can make for a better community experience and help job seekers make an informed decision.

  3. Original content: We would like all content, including but not limited to company reviews and interview questions and advice, to be 100% original – without any substantial quoted material from other sources, including (but not limited to) third-party websites, email correspondences, other reviews, etc. Also, your contribution will be more credible if you use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be at least understandable.

  4. Anonymity: We believe in the principle of offering anonymity and free speech where everyone has a right to voice their opinion so long as the law is respected. As a result, contributors may choose to keep their contributions anonymous. We expect our users not to misuse this anonymity and to respect these community guidelines and the terms and conditions given on the website.

  5. Abide by law: We find ourselves complying only with the lawful orders of the law enforcement agencies when the need arises.

  6. Edit or remove contribution: You can edit or remove your contributions at any time to reflect the change in circumstances and/or opinions or if you want to add more information about a particular experience.

  7. Multiple reviews policy: As a contributor, you can write only one review for your current employer in a period of six months. You may submit an additional review for your current employer after six months from the date you submitted or modified, whichever is later, your last review for the same employer. For your former employers, only one review per employer can be submitted by a contributor. Posting an excessive number of similar reviews can be considered spamming and lead to action such as a warning or blocking the contributor.

Moderation Guidelines:

AmbitionBox reserves the right to moderate any contribution made on the AmbitionBox websites in accordance with our moderation process below. We apply the same standard of moderation for all content on AmbitionBox.
Every piece of content on AmbitionBox could go up to 3 levels of moderation - technological moderation, human moderation, and reported content. The second and third levels of moderation - human moderation and reported content - may happen in the events where technological moderation fails, or does not provide sufficient evidence to approve or reject the content, or the content is reported by users or otherwise.

  1. Technological moderation: All the content published on AmbitionBox goes through technological moderation. We apply proprietary technology that analyzes multiple attributes (including but not limited to abusive words and gibberish content) of the content. Based on the output of the technological moderation, the content could be rejected, approved, or sent for the second level of moderation to a team of human moderators. We use proprietary technology filters & algorithms to detect attempted spamming, and abusive and fake content. AmbitionBox may modify its algorithms and filters from time to time with the intent to improve technological moderation.

  2. Human moderation: If the content does not pass technological moderation, a team of human moderators verifies the content to determine if it meets our guidelines after it is reported using the report option given above every content. One can get to know about the status of their reported content in the follow-up email sent on their email id registered with us.

  3. Reported content: Any content which is either reported by users on the website or flagged through technological checks is reviewed by human moderators to take the necessary action.

Though the content on AmbitionBox goes through three levels of moderation on AmbitionBox, we expect contributors to submit relevant and useful content for other users. AmbitionBox doesn't guarantee that the moderation process can catch and remove every instance.

Grounds for removal of content:

Content on AmbitionBox is subject to be removed if one or more of the following conditions (including but not limited to) are violated:

  1. Technological moderation: If the content does not pass the technological moderation, it may not be published on AmbitionBox.

  2. Live content reported by users: Any live content reported by users is moderated by a team of human moderators. If the content is found in violation of community guidelines, it can be taken down. Live content refers to published content on AmbitionBox that is visible to users.

  3. Influenced company review: If we believe that the contributors were incentivized, monetarily or otherwise, by the employer or coerced into leaving an influenced company review, we reserve the right to remove the content from AmbitionBox.

  4. Fake content: If AmbitionBox establishes, with sufficient certainty, that the content is fake, it is subject to be removed. The content could be established to be fake based on the technological checks set up by AmbitionBox or evidence(s) provided by employers and/or users.

  5. Confidential Information: If we believe that content reveals confidential, non-public internal company information, it is subject to get removed. We consider this to include (but are not limited to): source code, customer lists, manufacturing techniques, R&D activities, budgets, detailed financial results, and technical know-how.

  6. Delete request by the user: The content may be deleted if the contributor requests AmbitionBox to remove the content submitted by him or her.

  7. Missing details: The company review is subject to be removed if user details such as username, IP address, or email ID are missing (company reviews contributed from January 5, 2022, will be considered).

Content with reference to Individual(s)

We allow reviews that name individuals in any positions in a company currently or previously employed, as long as the review describes the individual’s behavior or performance at work.

Reporting content on AmbitionBox

Content on AmbitionBox can be reported by clicking on the ‘Report’ button present with every review displayed. It can also be reported by sharing an email at support@ambitionbox.com with necessary details and proofs. It is expected that users will be fair and report a review if they genuinely believe that the content doesn’t meet our community guidelines.

The final decision to remove content remains with AmbitionBox, and AmbitionBox may update its guidelines without any prior notice.

Guidelines for Employers

  1. Verification: AmbitionBox establishes employers’ identity by verifying their employability by sending OTP (one-time password) at their official email IDs and carrying out manual due diligence. Once the identity of the employer is established, the request to claim the company page is approved. Additional details may be requested from the employer if AmbitionBox is unable to verify identity at the first level.

  2. Content added by employers: Once an employer’s identity is established and a request to claim the company page is approved, AmbitionBox does not moderate the content added or modified by the employer unless the same is reported. AmbitionBox reserves the right to remove the content if found in violation of our community guidelines.

  3. Responding to reviews: When responding to employee reviews on AmbitionBox, we request employers to be courteous and professional; do not include the name of the individual you believe wrote the review in the event the review is anonymous; do not threaten the writer of a review with legal or other punitive damage. The employer-responded comments will be considered as the ‘content’ defined in the Terminology section.

Guidelines for Users

The content posted on AmbitionBox is not intended to provide readers with a specific course of action. Kindly use your own judgment when evaluating content and make decisions based on all the information available to you. The user is also encouraged to like and promote the content posted on the platform, and benefit the community. AmbitionBox does not endorse any content displayed on the website.

These are only guiding principles for the community, and it is expected from the user(s) and the contributor(s) to be sincere and responsible while using AmbitionBox.

AmbitionBox reserves the final say with regards to the interpretation and application of these guidelines. AmbitionBox reserves the right to update these community guidelines at any time without prior notice. Our Community Guidelines and moderation policies take into consideration applicable laws in the jurisdictions in which AmbitionBox operates.