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Area Sales Manager Interview Questions

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  1. About retail management
  2. What is your team strength
asked in Black Panther
  1. What have you learnt so far in your professional career
asked in Luminous Water Technologies

  1. Apart from your Resume tell me about your self ?
  2. Elaborate on few points that you have mentioned in your Resume?
  3. Tell me about your Summer Internship and your role ?
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  1. Again same as first, introduction, previous experiences and the way you communicate. The way you communicate should be equivalent to whatever you are qualified for, if you go too beyond, then get ready for out of box nature. Dressing and communication skill should be excellent and be confident with whatever you applied for. Not only for this everywhere this rule is applied. So introductory is your first impression.
  2. About yourself Why did you join us? Why only us? What is there for you in this workplace? Where do you really want to be in next 5 years? **Are you flexible with any timings where you are working for?** The last question think properly and answer.
asked in HDFC Bank
  1. About salary and responsible.
asked in Black Panther
  1. Sales Experience
  2. Competitor sales strategy
  3. Comparative sales support
asked in Melar Healthcare
  1. How to handle team in interest of Company as well as employees
asked in Fena
  1. Dressing sense, way of talking.
asked in Dr Lal PathLabs

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